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Why You Should Join CFHA

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Join our fast-growing community of practitioners, educators, researchers, policymakers, and consumer representatives working together to transform healthcare through collaboration and integration.

Our mission is to promote effective and cost-efficient models of healthcare delivery that integrate physical and behavioral health. CFHA is a home for professionals in the modern care team (and supportive administrators, organizations, and funders) that aim to enhance the way healthcare teams work to provide the highest quality care for patients and their families.

Advocacy for Your Career

CFHA is the only membership association exclusively dedicated to promoting clinicians, researchers, and administrators of integrated healthcare models. Our robust inter-disciplinary focus promotes the advancement of all practitioners, including all medical professionals, pharmacists, psychologists, family therapists, social workers, nurses, case managers, dentists, and health educators. Starting in 2022 we also host the only salary and wellness survey for practitioners in integrated care in existence, with data available to members.

Join a Movement that Keeps You Inspired

No event has done more to advance integrated care than CFHA’s conference. No journal is more focused on our movement than Families, Systems, and Health. No group provides better leadership for healthcare collaboration than our members, staff, and Board of Directors. By joining CFHA you add your energy and resources to our cause.

Join a Community with a Collaborative Spirit

CFHA’s suite of platforms makes engaging national colleagues easy. Our unique listserv platform, Gaggle, provides both an online interface and an email interface and is one of the most active community forums out there. Our learning site, CFHA Learns, provides exclusive opportunities to learn at your own pace. Add to that our special interest groups and community conversations, and you understand why the value of the networking and learning opportunities alone far exceed the membership subscription fee.

Minimal Cost, Maximal Return

Averaging at about .4% of the average annual member salary or about 63 cents per day, the benefits to your career and team pay for themselves:

  • $275 – Individual Professional Membership
  • $150 – Early Career Professional Membership (0-3 years post-training)
  • $55 – Post-Doc Fellow or Resident or Student Membership
  • $55 – Retiree Membership

But Wait, I’m a Busy Physician/Medical Provider!

We know you are pulled in so many directions. Here is what a CFHA membership can do for you. It fills a gap in your training around leading teams in ways that lead to real changes in your practice. The networking (our listserv is awesome), learning opportunities (the conference is second-to-none), and relationships developed (all the leaders gather here) are a low-intensity way of preparing yourself for care team and system leadership.

Hey, stick around for awhile.

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