Recognize an Integrated Care Mentor and Leader at our CFHA Conference!

CFHA is a multidisciplinary community of practitioners, mentors, researchers, and innovators passionate about advancing the field of integrated, collaborative health care. We are a community of collaborators committed to learning from each other and believe we are each other’s best resource in the pursuit of collaborative, integrated care. Nominate a colleague today! Nominations will close on July 30th.

In 1994, a group of early pioneers and advocates, led by Don Bloch, convened at the Frank Lloyd Wright designed home-turned-conference facility, Wingspread, to organize a national agenda for collaborative, family healthcare.  These early leaders embodied innovative spirit, tenacity, entrepreneurship, and an understanding that we are each other’s best teachers. Their passion and a fundamental commitment to the advancement of patient and family centered health care fueled the beginnings of CFHA.

Wingspread Honorees are individuals who both embody the characteristics of our early leaders and who have positively impacted the lives of their students, mentees, or colleagues through their work.

You can nominate a Wingspread Honoree by contributing a tax-deductible, $50 gift to the CFHA Scholarship Fund.  You will be given the opportunity to write an optional brief narrative about the honoree’s work and/or mentorship and what it has meant to you personally and professionally. The Wingspread Honoree designation is designed to be one of “thanks” and is not predicated on years of service or professional accomplishments.  Honorees are not required to be CFHA members. Nominations will close Friday, July 30th!


CFHA will also accept Wingspread Nominations for influential colleagues and mentors that have recently passed away. If you would like to recognize and nominate a Wingspread Honoree in this fashion, just clarify on the nomination form and your nomination will be listed as such in conference materials. Honoree gifts and certificates can be mailed to the honoree’s family (optional).

Honorees will receive a certificate of appreciation (inclusive of the donor’s narrative), reserved seating and recognition at the conference during the Saturday awards lunch, a custom lanyard identifying them as a Wingspread Honoree, a small gift/token of appreciation, and will be recognized in the conference program and on the CFHA website.  Honorees not attending the conference will be mailed their certificate and gift/token.

All funds raised through the Wingspread Honoree program will support CFHA student conference scholarships.