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We are honored to recognize the exceptional achievements in patient and family-centered integrated collaborative health care modeled by each of our award winners. We celebrated each individual at our 2022 conference in Boise, ID.


Jennifer Yturrionbeitia and the C-WHO Team
This award is the quintessential organizational award for members who have advanced the field of collaborative care, and who show intellectual, behavioral, and relational qualities that exemplify Don’s excellence and contributions. 

Jennifer Yturrionbeitia and the C-WHO Team demonstrate daily through their interactions and by working with all types of organizations from small to large the components of the Don Bloch award.

Jen is brilliant when it comes to program development and operations, she really sees the big picture. She is known for taking on a task and for getting things done. Jen has demonstrated an innovative approach by developing IIBHN and C-WHO. She is always willing to help others with program development, operations support, and professional development. Jen is always there to accept a call day or night and is willing to assist others. She is a fantastic connector and has brought people from all over the country together to promote IBH. Our community is better because of this catalyst for change across the health continuum known as Jen Y.

This award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to health care through their commitment and use of the Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) model. Anne Dobmeyer is also known as Captain Dobmeyer, because she has achieved the highest rank possible for a psychologist in the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS; in her typical humble fashion, though, she normally just goes by “Anne”). As a leader in the USPHS, Anne has helped oversee the most massive PCBH program in the world. The Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) PCBH program has a $62 million budget geared toward integrating 345 BHCs into primary care clinics on military bases around the world, and Anne has helped lead this program since 2008. In addition to providing leadership and overall direction for the program, she specifically oversees the development and provision of the BHC training program, which is generally regarded as an industry-best program. Over 450 BHCs were trained in just the first two years of the program Anne created; countless others have been trained in the years since. Anne has spent her entire career doing PCBH. After being introduced to PCBH during her internship in 2000, she immediately began working as a BHC. By 2004, she was leading a health psychology service that included a team of BHCs, and by 2008 she was Chair of a large Psychology department that supplied BHCs to four primary care clinics. She has been a PCBH champion and innovator in every position she’s held, yet to this day despite all of her other duties she still works one half-day per week as a BHC. She considers this an important way of staying connected with the in-the-trenches reality of primary care work.

Anne Dobmeyer
Jennifer Hodgson

This Families & Health SIG-sponsored award recognizes clinicians and researchers who incorporate the principles of family-oriented care into their day-to-day work with families managing their health. Jennifer’s professional dedication over the years in program development, scholarship, education, mentorship, and direct patient care produced many advancements in family-oriented, integrated healthcare. Her significant contributions are too numerous to list here, but include co-creating the first MedFT doctoral program in the United States with Angela Lamson, writing two seminal textbooks with colleagues including Angela Lamson, Tai Mendenhall, Russ Crane, and Mac Baird, and maintaining external funding to support a transformative integrated care initiative for over 16 years. She has also mentored generations of undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students and led countless initiatives that have made transformative changes to the field. It is no surprise then that she exemplifies CFHA’s principles of family-oriented care.


The annual CFHA Founders’ ECP Award serves as the highest recognition for an early career professional’s contributions to the field of integrated care. 

Aubrey Dueweke stands apart. In just three years post internship, Aubrey has tackled some of the most critical and challenging problems field of integrated care. For example, she noticed that although PCBH has been widely implemented, the consistent measurement and reporting of key PCBH fidelity metrics in the literature has lagged. In response, Aubrey partnered closely with the Institute for Integrated Behavioral Health and with the College of Medicine’s clinical informatics team to help define and build
PCBH fidelity metrics into our electronic health record. She then created a system to disseminate these fidelity metrics to our BHC teams, so they could make informed decisions about practice habits that were aligned with their professional values. The results of this work have been submitted for publication describing how fidelity monitoring can be used as part of a quality improvement process to inform development of integrated care programming. Her strong analytic thinking, creativity, and passion for
integrated care shine through. She has been able to leverage these “real world” efforts to contribute to generalizable knowledge through publication – a feat very few early career professionals achieve.

Aubrey Dueweke
Joseph Harrison

This competitive award supports the work of a trainee or early career professional whose research project significantly contributes to the field of integrated care. CFHA is proud to support Joseph Harrison’ project entitled ” Investigating the moderating effects of monthly COVID-19 case rates on the psychosocial predictors of mental health services engagement in the Penn Integrated Care program.” The objective of this retrospective observational study is to assess the interacting effects of monthly COVID-19 case rates in Philadelphia over 2020-2022 on the psychosocial predictors of mental health services use in the PIC program.

Past Awardees 

Don Bloch

  • 2008 – William Doherty and Macaran Baird 
  • 2009 – Susan McDaniel and Tom Campbell
  • 2010 – CJ Peek 
  • 2011 – Alexander Blount 
  • 2012 – Larry Mauksch 
  • 2013 – Frank deGruy
  • 2016 – Barry Jacobs 
  • 2017 – Mary Talen  
  • 2018 – John Rolland 
  • 2019 – Natalie Levkovich  
  • 2020 – Parinda Khatri
  • 2021 – Rusty Kallenberg

PCBH Model

  • 2016 – Jeff Reiter 
  • 2017 – Patricia Robinson 
  • 2018 – Cherokee Health Systems
  • 2019 – Community Health of Central Washington  
  • 2020 – Casey Clardy
  • 2021 – Chris Hunter

Family Oriented Care

  • 2016 – ECU – Medical Family Therapy PhD Program 
  • 2017 – Jerica Berge  
  • 2018 – Tina Schermer-Sellers and Claudia Grauf-Grounds
  • 2020 – Max Zubatsky
  • 2021 – Carol Podgorski

Early Career Professional

  • 2016 – Eboni Winford  
  • 2017 – Max Zubatsky 
  • 2018 – Bridget Beachy 
  • 2020 – Olivia Bogucki
  • 2021 – Ryan Jackman

Research Fellowship 

  • 2016 – Jeffrey Shahidullah 
  • 2017 – Jennifer Carty  
  • 2018 – Cody  Hostutler 
  • 2019 – Julie Gass 
  • 2020 – Angela Hiefner
  • 2021 – Jasmine Davis