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We are honored to recognize the exceptional achievements in patient and family-centered integrated collaborative health care modeled by each of our award winners. We celebrated each individual at our 2021 Award Event. 


Rusty Kallenberg
Don Bloch Award
 This award is the quintessential organizational award for members who have advanced the field of collaborative care, and who show intellectual, behavioral, and relational qualities that exemplify Don’s excellence and contributions. Dr. Rusty Kallenberg was an inaugural member of the precursor to CFHA. Rusty has provided several decades of tireless effort to improve and expand integrated care, both nationally and internationally. His contributions to this organization and beyond are too numerous to list, yet they always reflect his gigantic intellect and creative ideas. However, it is his contagious spirit and passion for the field that is visceral. He has inspired and influenced the careers of many and has promoted greater participation of physicians in CFHA. His focus on families in his work as a family physician is laudable, and his undying energy to improve the health of patients across UCSD’s health system is to be respected. The passion & intensity, breadth, and duration of his contributions are a quintessential reflection of Don Bloch. 

This award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to health care through their commitment and use of the Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) model. Dr. Chris Hunter has been a PCBH advocate, leader, researcher, and trainer for the last 21 years. Over the last 13 years, he also built the largest PCBH training and implementation program in the country, spanning over 300 military primary care clinics in the U.S and overseas. The program he built has trained thousands of providers to work in PCBH and provided PCBH care to hundreds of thousands of patients. This amazing accomplishment started in 2000, when he was trained by Dr. Kirk Strosahl to become one of the first PCBH-trained staff for the Air Force’s fledgling new PCBH program. A model of hard work and passion for PCBH, Dr. Hunter has also been an active PCBH writer and trainer outside of the military system. Outside of his regular day job duties, he has written and spoken extensively about PCBH, including authoring 18 journal articles, giving 35 conference presentations and co-authoring the two books. One of his articles was the important 2010 article in the Journal of Families Systems and Health, titled “Operational and Clinical Components for Integrated-Collaborative Behavioral Health Care in the Patient Centered Medical Home”; two others were the 2014 American Psychologist articles, “Tipping Points in the Department of Defense’s Experience with Psychologists in Primary Care” and “Competencies for Psychology Practice in Primary Care”. He was also a Co-Editor in 2017 of the first-ever special issue dedicated to PCBH, published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings. One of the articles in that special edition, “Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) Model Research: Current State of the Science and a Call to Action” is one of only two PCBH literature reviews ever published, and Dr. Hunter was the lead author of that article. In sum, Dr. Hunter’s tireless and effective work for PCBH has been legendary, and his PCBH contributions simply matchless.

Chris Hunter
Carol Podgorski

This Families & Health SIG-sponsored award recognizes clinicians and researchers who incorporate the principles of family-oriented care into their day-to-day work with families managing their health.  Dr. Carol Podgorski is one of the strongest supporters for families you will encounter within the CFHA community. She promotes attention to families through direct patient care, research, education and professional advocacy. Carol has been a tremendous advocate for integration of behavioral health clinicians, with particular attention to MFTs. Specifically, Carol has written and spoken about the fact that MFTs manage mental health diagnoses in the context of a family system and therefore should have equitable opportunity for billing and coding with insurers as compared to other licensed professions. She has lobbied at the state level and supports others trying to champion similar initiatives. When Carol speaks on this topic, she does so with patients, their families, and clinicians in mind. 


The annual CFHA Founders’ ECP Award serves as the highest recognition for an early career professional’s contributions to the field of integrated care. Dr. Ryan Jackman’s greatest strengths are his vision, hustle, and collaborative spirit:

Vision–From his medical school experience in inner-city Milwaukee, Ryan developed a passion for psychosocial services for the under-served. This vision imbues his professional life with purpose and patient-centeredness.

Hustle–In just 4 years, Ryan has built an integrated addiction clinic from the ground up, created a telehealth consultation service and served as the PI for grants that funded the start-up, helped create a hub and spoke capacity-building model that supports addiction services in rural communities, and continued to train residents in all aspects of full-spectrum family medicine.

Collaborative Spirit–Ryan is a delight to work with. He is always quick with a consultation, available to work-in a referral to his clinic, or ready to provide a didactic for our behavioral health fellows and interns. He demonstrates collaboration at the community level by serving as the co-chair of our county’s opioid settlement commission–guiding how these funds will benefit our addiction safety net for the next 20 years.   

It is a marvel that Ryan has been able to accomplish all these milestones so quickly. He is the type of professional who is already leading at the local and state level and building a reputation at the national level.

Ryan Jackman
Jasmine Davis

This competitive award supports the work of a trainee or early career professional whose research project significantly contributes to the field of integrated care. CFHA is proud to support Jasmine Davis’ project entitled ” Identifying and Intervening with Highest-Risk Primary Care Patients.” 

Past Awardees 

Don Bloch

  • 2008 – William Doherty and Macaran Baird 
  • 2009 – Susan McDaniel and Tom Campbell
  • 2010 – CJ Peek 
  • 2011 – Alexander Blount 
  • 2012 – Larry Mauksch 
  • 2013 – Frank deGruy
  • 2016 – Barry Jacobs 
  • 2017 – Mary Talen  
  • 2018 – John Rolland 
  • 2019 – Natalie Levkovich  
  • 2020 – Parinda Khatri

PCBH Model

  • 2016 – Jeff Reiter 
  • 2017 – Patricia Robinson 
  • 2018 – Cherokee Health Systems
  • 2019 – Community Health of Central Washington  
  • 2020 – Casey Clardy

Family Oriented Care

  • 2016 – ECU – Medical Family Therapy PhD Program 
  • 2017 – Jerica Berge  
  • 2018 – Tina Schermer-Sellers and Claudia Grauf-Grounds
  • 2020 – Max Zubatsky

Early Career Professional

  • 2016 – Eboni Winford  
  • 2017 – Max Zubatsky 
  • 2018 – Bridget Beachy 
  • 2020 – Olivia Bogucki

Research Fellowship 

  • 2016 – Jeffrey Shahidullah 
  • 2017 – Jennifer Carty  
  • 2018 – Cody  Hostutler 
  • 2019 – Julie Gass 
  • 2020 – Angela Hiefner