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There are three options for individual membership:

  • Individual Professional
  • Post-Doc/Early Career
  • Student
  • Retiree

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We also offer Organizational Membership for 10 or more individuals from the same organization.

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Membership benefits include an annual subscription to the Families, Systems and Health journal, participation in special interest groups, access to listserv groups, conference, and more.

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The system sends password reset instructions to the email you have listed on your member profile. If this is not up to date, you will not receive the email. Please contact and we will be able to manually reset your password and/or username. You will then be able to login to update your profile.

Either you were a member long ago, or your email was somehow added to our system from a contact list at some point. The easiest way to bypass this is to use a different email or username to sign up, you can contact with the issue. We will either reset your record with the current username and/or password or delete the old record that is causing the problem.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups are available to CFHA members. Add yourself to the SIG through your membership profile.

If you are not a member, you can join here.

Add yourself to the SIG through your membership profile. The SIG leadership will send out monthly reminders for meetings with Zoom links, the agenda, etc. through the listserv.

Please contact if you are having trouble receiving the listserv messages.


This is CFHA’s custom email

group – ask questions, learn about important upcoming events and job opportunities, and discuss current experiences in your professional world with the CFHA membership.

  1. All members are added to the CFHA listserv within a week of signing up for membership.
  2. Once added, you’re ready to go! Simply send your message to – it will reach all other CFHA members and the conversation can begin!

If you are having trouble receiving or sending listserv emails, please contact

There are two reasons your emails could be bouncing from the listserv:

  1. You’ve changed your email address but haven’t updated your email address in your member profile.
  2. Your membership has expired and you’ve been removed from the listserv.

If you have changed your email address, please update it as soon as possible in your member profile. We use the email in your member profile for the listserv, so this is the only way for us to update your email address.

If your membership has expired, log in to renew your membership and you will be re-added to the listserv.

The purpose of the listserv is for you to be able to connect with your colleagues to share ideas and expertise. It is acceptable to post employment opportunities or training opportunities, including conferences, through the listserv, but please do not post them more than one time. A conference, job opportunity, or other training opportunity may only be posted one time.

Families, Systems & Health Journal Access

Click here to access the journal. You will be prompted to sign-in in order to view the page.

Email if you are still having trouble accessing the journal.

Webinars and Community Conversations

Upcoming webinar and community conversation registration information is listed on the CFHA calendar here.

We encourage you to join us for these completely FREE webinar presentations!

CFHA Webinar and Community Conversation archives are located on our website here—this is where you can view all past PowerPoint presentations and webinar recordings.


Registration for our Annual Conference opens on June 15th each year. Click here to view more information about our upcoming conference.

Conference Scholarships are available to students who apply to volunteer for the CFHA Conference. In order to be considered, you must be a full-time student in a training program, college, or university, and you must be available for the entire duration of the three-day conference.

Check back at our conference webpage here to learn more about scholarship opportunities.

CFHA Job Board

As a member and non-member employer you can post job opportunities to the CFHA Job Board here.

As a CFHA member, you are eligible for a one-time 30-day free post here.

To post your job opportunity longer than 30 days you can purchase job posting packages here.