What is the Just Medicine Committee?

The Just Medicine Committee (JMC) is a group of CFHA members tasked with assessing the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association with regard to the inclusivity and embrace of diversity, broadly defined, in its human resources, products, and operations. The JMC is coalesced to internally actualize CFHA’s values of diversity, equity, and social justice.

What has our group accomplished thus far? 

  • In 2021, the Just Medicine Team was elevated to a committee, making it one of only two standing committees in the organization (along with the Research and Evaluation Committee)
  • Formally, JMC operates to serve as a mechanism to ensure that CFHA lives out its stated values around DEI and the co-chairs are invited to BOD meetings as ex officio members
  • JMC heavily influenced the theme and content of the last two annual conferences (2020 and 2021), both with equity and justice themes, including recommendations for speakers in this last cycle to adopt an inclusive lens in their presentation approach;
    • Both CFHA Members and Leaders engaged in conference presentations around justice and equity
  • JMC also has helped spur numerous webinars and Community Conversations around DEI since its inception

When will our work end?

JMC is one of only two standing committees (the other is the Research & Evaluation Committee) that CFHAs Board of Directors has authorized. Since we believe justice and health equity are pathways to high-quality healthcare, we envision working on these aims in perpetuity.

2024 Committee Leadership

Gretchen Buchanan
Tanya Vishnevsky

You’re invited

This committee is open to all current CFHA members

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