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Welcome to the CFHA Pediatric Special Interest Group!

The Pediatric SIG is coordinating our programming this year to focus on the pediatric mental health crisis. We meet the fourth Monday of each month at noon Eastern Time to discuss a timely topic, network, share resources, and support each other. Our meetings often consist of the following components:
This is How We Do It: A brief introduction to how one organization/provider engages in an aspect of pediatric integrated care in their setting.
The Research Corner: presents a timely pediatric article each month that is of interest to the group.
The Facilitated Discussion: provides you an opportunity to engage with your peers around the most important topics in pediatric integrated care. Bring your questions and opinions!

In the fall of 2021, multiple pediatric professional organizations declared a national emergency in children’s mental health (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2021). Then in December, the US Surgeon General brought further attention to the matter by issuing an advisory on the youth mental health crisis. That report highlighted five things that healthcare systems and providers can do to make a difference (U.S. Surgeon General, 2021). Briefly, these recommendations are: 1) focus on prevention and trauma informed care principals, 2) routinely screening for mental health challenges, 3) address the mental health needs of caregivers, 4) form community partnerships, and 5) build multidisciplinary teams.

While the Surgeon General’s report serves as one organizing framework for how integrated care can help solve the pediatric mental health crisis, concerns remain: 1) widely implementing these recommendations will require significant work, 2) healthcare workers need support breaking down these broad recommendations into practical and actionable steps, 3) there are serious concerns about achieving these aims on the backs of an already burnt out healthcare workforce (Chandawarkar & Chaparro, 2021; Rehder et al., 2021), and 4) providers already following the report’s recommendations need support to move to the next level.

We hope you will consider joining us each month as we explore these important issues. Additionally, you can connect with us in person at the annual CFHA conference in October by registering for a preconference Extended Learning Opportunity called “Putting the Surgeon General’s Pediatric Mental Health Crisis Advisory into Action: Practical Approaches, Tools, and Technical Assistance.”


The Pediatric SIG Leadership Team


Chus (Maria) Arrojo
Rachel Petts
Michelle Swanger-Gagne
Amelia McClelland
Membership and Engagement
Jonathan Larson
Matthew (Robert) Tolliver
Past Chair

2023 Meeting Times: 

First Monday of the month at 12:00 Noon ET // 11:00 AM CT // 10:00 AM MT // 9:00 AM PT

You can find zoom information to log into meetings on our calendar.

April 2021 Meeting – Pediatric Pain

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February 2021 Meeting Notes

January 2021 Meeting Notes

Quick Notes Presentation – “Autism Assessment in Primary Care”

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QuickNotes PPT – Picky Eaters

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