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Statewide Integration Efforts in Practice and Policy: Perspectives from Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Texas

Webinar Description

Since 2008, the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association has held a statewide policy summit in tandem with its annual conference. These summits bring together key stakeholders in an effort to inform policy and create action regarding integrated, collaborative care.

Gabriela Alcalde, MPH, DrPH, Health Policy Director at the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky; Natalie Levkovich, Executive Director of the Health Federation of Philadelphia, and Lynda Frost, JD, PhD, Director of Planning and Programs at the Hogg Foundation of Texas discuss the trajectory of integrated care policy and practice in their respective states post policy summit. Participants will understand the history and context of each of the three state’s integration efforts at the time of their CFHA summit and learn how key stakeholders in each state have been moving these efforts forward to fully integrated systems of care in the years since.

This webinar is presented by The Office of Integrated Healthcare Research and Policy in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. The webinar series is made possible with funding from the California Mental Health Services Authority Integrated Behavioral Health Project in partnership with the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association, the AHRQ Academy for Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care, and the Advancing Care Together project of UC-Denver Dept. of Family Medicine.