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Creative Funding Strategies for Family-Based Models of Care: Payer and Provider Perspectives

Webinar Description

Clinicians and payers alike have historically struggled to extend beyond patient-centered care to engage family members in ways that are meaningful, cost-effective, and efficient with use of time and staffing resources. In this webinar, representatives from a regional health plan in Colorado and an evidence-based population health pediatric model, with providers in San Francisco, come together to discuss current and cutting-edge methods of funding family interventions in primary care settings. The presenters will provide key pieces of evidence that support family interventions’ effectiveness in meeting key outcomes such as reducing avoidable emergency department utilization and hospitalizations and improving condition-specific health markers, as well as sustaining long-term positive outcomes. Presenters will showcase specific examples of how clinicians can connect family interventions delivered in their setting to high-priority goals within health plans and at the state level, align family intervention outcome measures with high-value metrics, negotiate payer contract enhancements, and demonstrate a return on investment.SHOW LESS