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Challenges and Solutions for the Provision of Tele-Behavioral Health for Spanish-Speaking Patients

Webinar Description

Since social-distancing guidelines related to COVID-19 have gone into effect, the use of telehealth services has become more widespread. Indeed, telehealth has allowed practices to continue to provide much-needed services to the Spanish-speaking, Latinx communities they serve. However, telehealth has not come without its own challenges. In this webinar, a panel of behavioral health providers will discuss the various barriers and creative solutions they have implemented in order to effectively meet the needs of Spanish-speaking, Latinx patients in rural and urban areas in the mainland U.S. and in Puerto Rico.


  1. Identify challenges/barriers unique to providing telehealth services to Spanish-speaking, Latinx patients.
  2. Describe unique aspects of serving Spanish-speaking, Latinx populations in rural/urban settings in the mainland U.S. and rural/urban settings in Puerto Rico.
  3. Identify strategies to target/decrease barriers to telehealth services with Spanish-speaking, Latinx patients.