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Research and Evaluation Committee

Request Your Certificate for Research & Evaluation Training at the 2018 CFHA Conference

Did you attend at least 3 presentations from the Research & Evaluation Training Track at the 2018 conference? If so, you may request a certificate to attest to your efforts to gain skills in research and evaluation. Please click here to request your certificate, which will be emailed to you within a few weeks. 


To grow interest and enthusiasm among CFHA members regarding research and to create opportunities for CFHA members to actively participate in research and program evaluation related to collaborative, integrated care.  The work of the committee will focus on means to provide education and information that will assist members to:  understand and/or use data; effectively evaluate research and outcome data; and understand approaches for evaluating and improving programs.

Research in this context refers broadly to a variety of forms of systematic inquiry including formal scientific research, social research, and economic research, as well as program evaluation, quality improvement and performance improvement.


Robyn Shepardson, PhD

2019 Co-Chair

Casey Gallimore

2019 Co-Chair

Jonathan Wilson

2019 Secretary



Committee Meetings open to all.  Voting members must be CFHA members.


Second Tuesday of the month at 2:00 PM Eastern Time

For more information or to join contact


  • Increase presence of high quality collaborative care/integrated primary care research at the CFHA annual conference
  • Create opportunities for members to learn how to conduct collaborative care/integrated primary care research
  • Conduct surveys / assessments to establish members’ and potential members’ wants/needs as they relate to research, and work to match our committee’s efforts with said wants/needs
  • Develop a method of communicating with members about research via the CFHA social media outlets
  • Create opportunities for CFHA members to actively participate in research
  • Facilitate formal mentoring for student members/new professionals who desire to learn more and conduct collaborative care/integrative research.







CFHA has the best content related to integrated care. We make it easy for you to stay abreast of the latest research and innovations in the field. These research summaries are specially curated for you by our Research & Education Committee to help you stay current.



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Research and Evaluation Committee Board Report 2016

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