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Poster Call for Proposals 2019

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Late Breaking Call for Posters

Did you miss the deadline for poster submission for the 2019 conference? Was your program evaluation or research not far enough along? Do you have a new clinical innovation to share? Have no fear, a late-breaking poster submission is here!


We are excited to announce that there is still time to submit your work for presentation at the upcoming conference in Denver! The Collaborative Family Healthcare Association invites you to submit a “Late-Breaking” poster proposal. This opportunity will allow you to present important late-breaking findings in the field of collaborative/integrated care. This submission should be a new poster proposal that has not already been submitted for the 2019 conference.


Proposals for Late-Breaking Poster Presentations must be submitted online on or before June 30, 2019.


Not sure whether your work would make a good poster? The poster format works well for many types of projects beyond just the traditional “research” and evaluation studies. To give you some ideas of the wide variety of projects that can be presented via poster, the CFHA Research and Evaluation Committee has gathered these examples of different types of posters, ranging from literature reviews, descriptions of training programs, implementation efforts, quality improvement projects, and more. Consider submitting your own work as a poster – share your work with others in the field!


Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations allow authors to visually present their best ideas and/or latest research findings in a way that facilitates dialogue and networking among colleagues.

We encourage proposals that represent an array of projects including progressive policy-oriented work, novel training initiatives, pilot projects, studies of fiscal issues, formal scientific research, program evaluation, quality improvement initiatives, and performance improvement.

There will be approximately 80 poster displays at the 2019 conference. The poster session will take place at the Sheraton Downtown Denver from 5:15 to 6:45 PM on Friday, October, 18, 2019.


About Poster Presentations

  • Poster presenters must plan to attend their poster during the scheduled session.
  • A pdf of your poster and handouts (optional) should be provided to the conference manager for inclusion in the mobile app.
  • All poster presenters are required to register and pay to attend the CFHA conference. There are no complimentary or reduced price admissions for poster presenters. Full and one-day options are available. 
  • Poster boards will be assigned by CFHA. A sign will indicate the reserved display.
  • You will have a 4-ft. wide by 4-ft. high display area on the poster board for your materials. you may affix display material with push pins, T-pins, or tape. Pins will be provided.

Other Terms and Conditions

As a Poster Presenter for the CFHA Conference, you understand and explicitly agree that:

  1. The Primary Contact Person indicated on your proposal consents to receive all correspondence and accepts responsibility for conveying and confirming Conference-related information with all Poster Presenters.
  2. Presenters are responsible for their own travel and hotel arrangements and assume all related costs. Presenters are encouraged to secure accommodations at the official CFHA conference hotel.
  3. Presenters must notify CFHA in writing if a conflict of interest related to the content of a presentation develops at any time before the Conference.
  4. Poster Presenters will display on the day assigned by CFHA.
  5. Presenters grant permission to CFHA to take photographs, videos and/or audio recordings and to publish them at CFHA's sole discretion in any format.
  6. For presentations involving research with human subjects, Presenters acknowledge that research has been reviewed by and either exempted or received approval from the appropriate institutional review board and the data has been collected in an ethical manner.
  7. Appropriate "Releases of Confidential Information" have been obtained by Presenters for all client materials that will be used or recorded as part of this presentation. The responsibility for protecting client confidentiality rests with Presenters.
  8. Written permission from copyright holders must be obtained by Presenters for the use of any previously published material in presentation or handouts.
  9. In lieu of printed handout materials, CFHA will offer online access to these resource materials for Conference registrants.
  10. Presenters must refrain from attempting to persuade attendees to purchase or use a specific product, service, piece of equipment, or device.
  11. Presenters must refrain from overt statements or pointed humor that disparages the rightful dignity and social equity of any person or group.
  12. Acceptance of a proposal does not imply endorsement by CFHA of Presenters, course content, specific products, or clinical procedures.

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