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FSH Submission Guide

Families, Systems, & Health®


Families, Systems and Health has several submission options.    Interested authors are referred to the Author and Reviewers Resource Center on the American Psychological Association's website.

The editors offer the following ideas to help readers publish their work:      

  • Read the instructions for authors carefully to learn appropriate style and formatting and select a submission category
  • Use the author checklist to ensure that your submission is complete      
  • Recruit needed expertise to help you write a high quality submission 
  • Useful consultants include researchers to help you design a study and analyze results or skilled writers to give you feedback on your writing      
  • If you are trying something new, plan ahead and measure change. The Journal is especially interested in publishing innovative clinical and educational experiments with evaluated outcomes      
  • Describe learning from struggles and failures as well as successes     
  • Work with co-authors to share ideas, writing, and editing      
  • If you have a powerful experience, write about it     
  • Write the FSH editors to discuss your ideas

FSH Editors Announce a New Essay Section!

Through the essay section co-edited by Jon Frey, MD and Randall Reitz, PhD, Families, Systems, and Health in Our Lives, seeks to share learning through the personal experience of healthcare professionals and patients. This section  will feature well-crafted stories and reflections that explore health and illness, family function, and systems thinking about healthcare transition and transformation.  Submissions should be relevant to at least two of these domains. These essays will contain up to 1,500 words and will be peer reviewed. 

Call for Papers on Teamwork in Health Care

Families, Systems & Health will devote an upcoming issue to teamwork in health care. Our journal aims to foster new knowledge relevant to "a systemic approach to healthcare that integrates mind and body; individual and family; and communities, clinicians, and health systems while considering cost-effectiveness and distributive justice.”   Relevant submissions could address  training of health care teams, team leadership models, team science, and the impact of teamwork on patient, staff, health care quality, equity and financial outcomes. We are particularly interested in data-based manuscripts that address common pitfalls and barriers to team development and teamwork in health care, including primary care. All submissions will be peer-reviewed. Deadline for submission is September 1, 2014.  Guest Editor:  Kevin Fiscella, M.C., M.P.H.

Submissions open for Poetry and "55-Word Stories"

Section co-editors, Johanna Shapiro and Adam Possner are pleased to announce they are accepting submissions for both "Poetry" and "55-Word Stories".  Submissions to the "Poetry” section may represent any style of verse, including free verse, and should be no longer than 50 lines. True to their name, "55-word stories" must contain exactly 55 words, excluding the title, which should not exceed 7 words. "55-Word Stories" challenge the writer to carefully weigh the meaning and emotional impact of every word and every way of speaking.  At a time when so many of our words in healthcare are mass-produced—copied and pasted forward as they are in the electronic medical record.  Learn more about 55-word stories here.

Both poems and 55-word stories will be peer reviewed based on fit with the journal mission, use of well-crafted language, and impact of the narrative.  For more information, please read the "Poetry and 55-word stories” section on the "Instructions to Authors” page.





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