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Don Bloch Award



Description of the Award:

This award has been the primary organizational award of significance since 2007, honoring one of the most influential and seminal founders of CFHA, Don Bloch, MD. The award recognizes an individual whose work and character exemplifies Don Bloch and thus advances the field of collaborative care in an epic manner, regardless of career stage. The awardee should exemplify the following lauded and celebrated attributes of Don Bloch:

 v  Intellectual Qualities:

Don was an innovative, articulate thinker. He was a brilliant, creative genius unencumbered by common parlance, routine use of language and the dictionary. He made up words like “duo-optic,” brought terms like “eco-systemic” from other disciplines into the field of collaborative care. He was a big big picture guy who could articulate very complex concepts. His editorials in Family Systems Medicine are filled with excellent examples.

v  Behavioral Qualities:

Don was hard working, effective and productive. He was able to get things done. Director of Ackerman Institute, Editor of the journal Family Process, started the journal Family Systems Medicine (which eventually became Families, Systems and Health). Though Don had a long and storied career, and would want to acknowledge other’s hard work, the award should not be a lifetime achievement award. Don was the ultimate ‘talent scout.’ He could see potential and was able to nurture it and this award should be likewise not limited to those people with long and storied careers. Don would want to encourage youth, early career professionals, and even the rookies.

v  Relational Qualities:

Don was the ultimate connector. One evening he is at a cocktail party, has a conversation with the medical director in a clinic and virtually the next day, there are psychologists placed with physicians seeing patients simultaneously. He would have a conversation with someone and say something like, “I should have you talk to so and so (some VIP in family therapy)” and not a week later or the next day, but an hour later that person would get a phone call from this VIP. He had close personal relationships with people and fostered others to do the same.


Eligibility Criteria:

§  Any current CFHA member in good standing, EXCEPT for current board members, is eligible.

§  Individuals and organizations are eligible for this award.

Process for Nominations:

§  Nominations open June 15; Nominations close July 31.

§  A call for nominations will go out through the CFHA List-Serve by the CFHA Staff in March every year.

§  Nominations must come from the membership at-large.

§  Board members are not eligible to nominate someone.

§  Self-nominations will be accepted.

§  Nominations should be submitted via the form at the bottom of this page. A nomination consists of a 1000 word or less write-up that includes the nominees name, affiliation, and contact information as well as the name, affiliation and contact information of the nominator (these will not count toward the 1000 word limit). The nomination should describe both how the nominee exemplifies the three elements of Don Bloch as described above as well as why this person is uniquely qualified for this award. The submission should also stipulate whether the nominator is willing to have their name publicized as the nominator, should this individual be selected.

Selection Process:

§  All nominations are submitted to the Board of Directors for the July meeting

§  No specific scoring process will be used in selection

§  Discussion occurs during the July Board of Directors meeting

§  Every board member receives two votes and the nominee with the most votes wins; A tie results in another round of voting with each Board Member receiving one vote only and the nominee with the most votes wins

Notification to Awardee:

The current CFHA President will notify the award winner by September 1st

Award to Be Conferred When:

§  To be conferred at the annual conference, the specific time to be determined by the conference committee for that year and approved by the Board of Directors


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