Neftali Serrano is our Chief Executive Officer, bringing over two decades of clinical, program development, and leadership experience to CFHA’s community. Dr. Serrano helps staff, membership, and our board of directors operationalize CFHAs vision to integrate physical and behavioral health across the US health system.

Dr. Serrano is perhaps best known for being a tech geek. He was an early adopter of using YouTube videos for educating professionals in PCBH in the mid-2000s and continues to annoy staff with new applications for technology. On a serious note, Dr. Serrano has served as Chief Behavioral Health Officer and founder of several integrated care programs at FQHCs throughout his 22+year career as a primary care psychologist.

Soccer or futbol, is Dr. Serrano’s weekend passion. As a center-midfielder for his adult soccer team and occasional coach for his son, soccer is a mainstay of the Serrano household.

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