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Stacy Ogbeide

How do you support social justice and health equity in your work?

“I spend my much of my time training the future primary care workforce – both Family Medicine and Psychology learners within primary care to work on teams effectively – more specifically, within Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH). The work of PCBH in practice – when done effectively – very much addresses health equity. Our [BHCs] presence in the primary care setting allows many individuals and families to access care when they need it – who otherwise would go without evidence-based and team-based care. Those of us in primary care hear this all of time but it is true – and I don’t want to take the power and importance of our work for granted (or habituate to it!) Another part of my work is faculty and professional development. I have a particular interest in mentorship for underrepresented in medicine (URM) faculty members in academic medicine. We need a multipronged approach to address ethno-racial workforce shortages in academic medicine as well as health care in general. We all need to do something – we all have lanes in which we work so if we would show up consistently in our spaces to address and call it issues as we see them, what a difference this could make. I am happy to serve in my lane in developing current and future URM faculty and professionals.”

What is something fun that most people do not know about you?

“I love watching (as well as learning and performing) short form improvisation!”