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Jackie Poor Hahn, BA is the Membership and Conference Manager for CFHA. She manages most aspects of the conference including site selection, planning committee management, registration, speakers, abstracts, sponsorship, onsite management, and building the conference app. As the membership manager, she is the go-to person for any membership questions such as how to set up an organizational membership, renew membership, invoicing, etc. She is at most public meetings as the SIG and Committee liaison.

Jackie has almost 30 years of experience working with associations, having held a variety of roles through the years, but mostly in conference management. She spent 18 years working with an organization to promote affordable housing in Colorado. About 15 years ago she founded a charter school for kids who were at risk in traditional school environments, providing a gifted education to all students. She was Board President for the school and helped oversee the purchase of a permanent home as well as building out the school from kindergarten through high school.

She graduated from SUNY Stony Brook many moons ago and worked as a legal assistant in New York managing large product liability cases at the beginning of her career.

Jackie enjoys traveling and trying new restaurants with her husband of 30 years. Originally from New York, she now lives in Colorado but loves to go back to New York to visit. Although she lives in a beautiful state with lots of hiking and great things to do, she is a city person and would much prefer marching through a big city to hiking a mountain. She has three grown sons that make her laugh, bring her pride and joy, and she enjoys developing a new adult relationship with them. Much of her free time is spent researching the next place she wants to travel to.

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