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Instructions for Online Proposal Submissions


Presenters are limited to no more than three (3) proposals to increase the number of individuals who will attend the CFHA Conference.

A presenter or co-presenter who is included for 4 or more proposals will be asked to withdraw their name from additional presentations or withdraw those proposal(s) from consideration.

All presenters should be available to present during all dates of the conference.

Check your input carefully. We do not modify, edit, spell check or otherwise change your input prior to sending your submission to our reviewers.

You cannot save your submission during the online process.Your submission is not saved until you complete the last step. If you do not complete all the steps, you must start over. Your submission cannot be edited after it is saved to our database.

Submissions must be entered online no later than March 15, 2013.

TIP: Place cursor over any field label in the online form for additional details about the information requested and content format.

Presentation Title: Titles are limited to a maximum of 255 characters (including spaces).

The Primary Contact Person is the individual who consents to receive all communications from CFHA regarding this presentation. Be sure to include accurate contact information. (Note: The Primary Contact is NOT automatically considered the #1 Presenter.)

Presentation Summary is a 3-5 sentence description that conveys the essence of the presentation. This description will be used in promotional materials for the CFHA Conference.

TIP: Please copy and paste your abstract and other lengthy information from another program such as Microsoft Word. Formatting commands (table, bold, indent, auto numbering, etc) and symbols (for example ™ Σ ≤) are not transferred. The best approach is to save your information as plain text, edit it for appearance and then copy and paste the plain text into our online submission fields.

Topic Areas: Please indicate which of the following best describes the topic area(s) for this presentation.

About Research: Please confirm if the presentation will share original research data, if the presentation includes a research/evaluation component, or if there is no research/data presented in the session.

Minimum Session Length: Sessions are scheduled in 20, 40 and 90 minute blocks. Please specify the MINIMUM amount of time required to deliver the essential concepts of the presentation. There are very few 90-minute slots available so shorter presentations are more likely to be accepted.

Alternate Format: Please confirm if you would like CFHA to consider your presentation as a Poster or Roundtable Discussion if not selected for a session. (NOTE: A separate call for posters will be announced at a later date for those wishing to submit a poster presentation.)

Audience Level: Please indicate the recommended level of familiarity for the desired audience at this presentation:

  • Basic – designed to cover crucial core concepts and techniques relevant to enhancing the knowledge base
  • Experienced – comprehensive knowledge or collaboration experience; geared toward providers with several years of experience or those who desire a challenge. Assumes audience has basic knowledge and skills, which eliminates the need to review basic concepts.

Learning Objectives: Please list behavioral learning objectives in bullet point format. Each objective should begin with an ACTION verb (Identify, Describe, List, Discuss) and should complete the following statement:

"At the conclusion of this presentation, the participant will be able to:"

Number of Presenters: Please confirm how many presenters are expected to register/attend the CFHA Conference to deliver this presentation.

Presenter Details: Please include the following details for each presenter and co-presenter(s):

  • full professional name with credentials (MD, PhD, etc.) for each person who will attend/present at the Conference
  • their job title
  • organization

Presenter CV or Resume: A resume, CV or bio sketch is required for each presenter for accreditation purposes. DO NOT list presenters unless they intend to register/attend the CFHA conference.

Upload copy of Abstract: You may attach abstract for this presentation for additional consideration. Please remove specific references to names, organizations, etc., to assist with our efforts for a blind review process.

Acceptance Terms/Conditions: All presenters and co-presenters must agree to the terms and conditions for the CFHA Conference:

1. Each presentation proposal must designate a Primary Contact Person. This individual agrees to receive all correspondence and accepts responsibility for conveying and confirming Conference-related information with all presenters.

2. All presenters (including co-presenters) will be required to complete a commercial disclosure form. This form is required for accreditation purposes to disclose to the activity audience any relevant financial interests discussed in an educational presentation. This data will be used to ensure that your involvement in this activity is monitored for bias and/or lack of content balance. Please advise co-presenters of this requirement.

3. Presenters will be required to provide handout materials, class outline or other related resources in advance to be incorporated into the Conference proceedings. In lieu of printed handout materials, CFHA will offer electronic options to these resource materials for Conference participants. Documents should be submitted in Word, PDF or PowerPoint format.

4. All presenters must register and pay to attend the CFHA Conference; there are no free registrations offered for presenters. Full conference and one day registration options will also be available; additional details will be provided in the coming months. Please advise all of your co-presenters of this policy.

5. Presenters are responsible for their own travel and hotel arrangements and assume all related costs. Accommodations must be reserved at the designated CFHA Conference hotel.

6. Presenters must confirm that Appropriate "Releases of Confidential Information" have been obtained for all client materials and copyrighted materials that will be used or recorded as part of this presentation. The responsibility for protecting client confidentiality rests with the presenters.

7. CFHA will provide each classroom with a lectern, a PC computer, an LCD projector and screen. One table will be available for instructor use. Please note that you will not be able to plug-in your own computer to the projector. CFHA may consider additional equipment requests, but does not guarantee availability or provision for such requests.

8. Classrooms vary in size and capacity and will be set to maximize seating. Special room setups may be considered but are not guaranteed.

9. Your PowerPoint presentation must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the Conference. This version should include the essential content for your talk. Minor changes can still be made until five (5) hours before the session.

10. You must provide your final PowerPoint presentation at least five (5) hours prior to the scheduled session. The Conference AV team will pre-load your presentation onto the classroom computer prior to the session. These presentations will also be made available as resources to Conference registrants through the CFHA web site after the Conference.

11. For presentations involving research with human subjects, the presenters confirm that the research has received approval from the appropriate Institutional Review Board and the data has been collected in an ethical manner.

12. All presenters agree to be photographed, videotaped and/or recorded by the Collaborative Family HealthCare Association, or any supplier contracted by CFHA. CFHA or any supplier contracted by CFHA shall own all rights of any kind in perpetuity in said photography, videotaping and/or recording.

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