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Pre-Conference Activities
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Pre-Conference Activities

The CFHA Conference will include four activities on Thursday, October 10, 2013, prior to the start of the CFHA Conference.

  • Health Policy Summit: This is an invitation only program.
  • Pre-Conference Workshops: These in-depth sessions are offered as an optional registration with additional fee.

Advance registration is required for all Pre-Conference Activities.


Health Policy Summit


Thursday, October 10, 2013 12PM to 5PM - By invitation only

Prior to the conference each year, CFHA invites local representatives to participate in a regional Health Policy Summit on collaborative family healthcare. In this forum, local representatives highlight gains in healthcare reform and best practice implementation and major stakeholders unite around a shared vision for future progress.

Participation in the Summit is by invitation for local stakeholders only.


Pre-Conference Workshops


Thursday, October 10, 2013

These in-depth sessions are offered as an optional registration with additional fee on Thursday prior to the Conference's opening plenary session. Workshops typically focus on specific or unique skills and best practices.
  • Pre-Conference Workshops are NOT included within the Conference registration fee.
  • Lunch is NOT provided for Pre-Conference Workshops.
  • Advance registration is required.


Click here for a PDF with Preconference Workshop details. 

Pre-Conference Workshop 1 - Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 8:30AM to 4:30PM (lunch not included)

(PC1) Building Leadership Skills for Change Management in Your Practice (Leadership)

Jeri Hepworth, PhD, Professor and Vice-Chair, Family Medicine, University of Connecticut School of Medicine;

Susan McDaniel, PhD, Dr. Laurie Sands Distinguished Professor of Families and Health, University of Rochester Medicine and Dentistry

Leadership isn't about title, but is about behavior, intention, and empowering others. With enormous change in our collaborative practices, training programs, medical centers, and departments comes opportunity for Behavioral Health providers, psychotherapists, physicians, nurses, and other members of the healthcare team to increase their participation and leadership. Whether you are interested in practice transformation, educational innovations, or assuming a new formal leadership position, change management skills are necessary.

This interactive workshop will elucidate the change management skills you already use, and those you want to develop as we move through this period of rapid change in healthcare delivery and professional training. 

At the conclusion of this presentation, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify effective leadership skills for change management and recognize how they are related to existing skills of collaborative care professionals.
  • Identify a range of individual, program and departmental leadership opportunities that will benefit from their involvement as collaborative care professionals.
  • Create a Personal Action Plan to increase change management activities in their home settings.
  • Experience leadership exercises that can be adapted for their own settings. 

CE hours (to determined)

Workshop Fee: $199 per person (before 9/13/2013)

Pre-Conference Workshop 2 - Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 1PM to 4:30PM

(PC2) Behavioral Health and Unexplained Symptoms:
Thinking and Practicing Differently (MUS)

Kurt Kroenke, MD, Professor of Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine

Wendy Bradley, MA, Clinical Supervisor/Improvement Advisor, Southcentral Foundation, Anchorage, Alaska

David Clarke, MD, Gastroenterologist, Happy Valley, Oregon; President, Psychophysiologic Disorders Association

Sean Hearn, MD, Family Physician, AllinaHealth, St. Paul, Minnesota

Norm Rasmussen, EdD, Psychologist Consultant, Department of Psychiatry and Psychology and Department of Family Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

This workshop will focus on integrated approaches to patients with unexplained symptoms. Dr. Kurt Kroenke has published extensively on the epidemiology of unexplained symptoms. His overview will be followed by stories from four people who are working with patients with unexplained symptoms in a variety of ways. These stories will introduce breakout sessions that are interactive and focused on building practical skills.

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the epidemiology of medically unexplained symptoms in primary care;
  • Describe one approach that medical providers can take in the assessment or management of patients with unexplained symptoms;
  • Describe one approach that behavioral health providers can take in the assessment or management of patients with unexplained symptoms;
  • List potential benefits of an integrated approach to unexplained symptoms in terms of achieving the Triple Aim of improving health, improving patient experience and managing costs.

CE hours (to determined) 

Workshop Fee: $129 per person (before 9/13/2013)


Pre-Conference Workshop 3 - Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 1PM to 4:30PM

(PC3) Career Innovation for New Professionals (Boot Camp)

If you are a graduate student, medical student, or new professional seeking a career in integrated care, you are looking to work on the cutting edge!  Chances are, the innovative career you have in mind does not appear in the job ads you’ve been perusing. 

This pre-conference workshop is designed to provide you with the tools you need to develop the career in integrated care you are seeking.  Plan to connect with like-minded colleagues, learn how best to tap the integrated healthcare market, and launch a unique and dynamic career.  

Topics will include:

  • Identifying resources to develop your practice and market yourself as an integrated care professional,
  • Negotiating employment contracts, and
  • Targeting healthcare markets with expanded integrated care offerings.

*This pre-conference workshop will be offered at no cost to CFHA member students and new professionals. You must register in advance and your membership must be current to be eligible for the $0 rate.

CE hours (to determined) 

Workshop Fee: $129 per person* (before 9/13/2013)


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