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Philadelphia Conference Schedule
October 27-29, 2011

Pre-Conference 1 - Social Media 101: A Primer for Health Care Professionals
Benjamin Miller, Fran Melmed

Pre-Conference 2 - Applying Evidence-Based Care for Health Behaviors in Primary Care Settings
Jeffrey Goodie, Christopher Hunter

Pennsylvania Healthcare Policy Summit (by Invitation Only)
Pre-Conference 3 - Creating, Improving, and Sustaining and Integrated Primary Care Practice
Neil Korsen, Mary Jean Mork, Cynthia Cartwright, Cindy Boyack

Welcome Reception ** Entertainment, drinks, and appetizers in the hotel lobby


Plenary Session #1: Collaborative Care Hotspotting
Jeffrey Brenner  **  Ballroom CDE

First Timer's Orientation

Plenary Session #2: "Did Anyone Talk with the Women?” Making Space for the Voices of Patients, Families and Communities
Denise V. Rodgers; Arlene Katz; Janet Townsend, Facilitator ** Ballroom CDE

Break / Exhibits / Poster Presentations A

Collaborative and Integrated Care for Women Across the Life Span: Models, Successes and Challenges
Mary Clare Champion, Sally Haskell, Anne Dobmeyer, Susan McDaniel, Helen Coons ** Ballroom B
The Great Debate! Lincoln and Douglas Take on Collaborative Care
Randall Reitz, Paul Simmons, Benjamin Miller ** Ballroom A1

Uniting the Field and Moving Policy: Collaborative Care's Attempt to Influence Healthcare
Benjamin Miller ** Ballroom A1
The Philadelphia Story Continues: A Panel presentation on building a Recovery-Oriented System of Care (ROSC), a fully collaborative model of integrated care
Matthew Hurford, Sean Gallagher, Nancy Hanrahan, Tramaine Stevenson ** Ballroom A2

San Diego System Transformation: Implementation Lessons Learned, Approaching the Tipping Point
Alfredo Aguirre, Debra Fitzgerald, Nora Cole ** Ballroom A2
East vs. West: Japanese, Canadian and American Collaborative Care Approaches to Family Caregivers
Toshiyuki Watanabe, Mark Yaffe, Barry Jacobs ** Bromley/Claypoole Room

Addressing the Needs of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities through Integrated Health Care
Katherine Sanchez, Lynda Frost ** Bromley/Claypoole Room

Implementing a System of Integrated Post Deployment Care for Returning Combat Veterans
Stephen Hunt, Lucile Burgo ** Reynolds Room

Behavioral Health Lab: Building a Strong Foundation for the Patient-Centered Medical Home
Johanna Klaus, Sara Kornfield, Erin Ingram, David Oslin Experienced (45)
Tobacco Cessation as a Model for Accelerating Adoption of Collaborative Care: Reaching the Quitting Point
Katherine Dollar, Peg Dundon ** Reynolds Room

The "Perfect Storm" of Primary Care: How to overcome Challenges, Barriers related to Integration of Substance Abuse/Mental Health Services in Rural Primary Care Clinics
James Matney, Mary Aldred-Crouch ** Reynolds Room

Implementing SBIRT and IMPACT into Smaller Community Health Centers
Keith Kanel, Robert Ferguson ** Reynolds Room

Real Behavior Change in Primary Care: Improving Patient Outcomes
Patricia Robinson, Debra Gould  ** Flower Room

Enhancing Motivation to Change: Motivational Interviewing in an Integrated Primary Care Clinic
Suzanne Bailey ** Flower Room
Building the plane while flying it: Implementation of the medical home model in VA Healthcare
Joanna Dognin, Margaret Horlick, Craig Tenner ** Frampton Room

Collaborative Care and Patient-Centered Medical Home within the Veterans Health Administration
Andrew Pomerantz, David Hunsinger, Margaret Dundon, Larry Lantinga ** Frampton Room
Data Blitz  ** Shippen Room


Box Lunches * Facilitated Discussion Groups

Ballroom CDE


Payment Reform Aligns With Practice Reform
William Waring ** Ballroom B


Ethical Dilemmas for the Behavioral Health Clinician in a Patient Centered Medical Home: Evolving Roles Bring Unanticipated Challenges
Christine Runyan, Elizabeth Zeidler Schreiter, Jeffrey Reiter, Patricia Robinson ** Ballroom A1

Contemporary Ethical Issues in Behavioral Health Care
Tai Mendenhall, Kenneth Phelps, Keeley Pratt, Angela Lamson, Jennifer Hodgson ** Ballroom A1


The Citizen Health Care Home: Co-Producing Health in a Family Practice Clinic
William Doherty, Tai Mendenhall ** Ballroom A2

Building the PA Medical Home Program-The Role of Teams, Neighborhoods and Coaches
Renee Turchi, MollyGatto ** Ballroom A2
Publish and Flourish: Meet the Editors of Families, Systems, & Health
Alexander Blount, Gonzalo Bacigalupe, Todd Edwards ** Bromley/Claypoole Room

Accelerating the Collaborative Care Process Through Family Inclusion
Kathleen Cantwell, Max Molinaro, Michelle Rodney-Khan ** Bromley/Claypoole Room
A Model Program for Integrated Family Centered Collaborative Care: University of Chicago Kovler Diabetes Center & Chicago Center for Family Health
John Rolland, Zephon Lister, Mary Kelleher, Isha Williams, Louis Philipson ** Reynolds Room

Outcomes that Matter in Collaborative Care
Colleen Clemency Cordes, Ronald O'Donnell, Nicholas Cummings ** Reynolds Room
Who Receives Collaborative Care?: Findings from the Collaborative Care Research Network's First Card Study
Andrea Auxier, Tai Mendenhall, Daniel Mullin, Christine Runyan, Jessica Young ** Cook Room
A Day in the Life of the Primary Care Behavioral Health Consultant
Jeffrey Reiter ** Cook Room
Lessons Learned: Using a Reverse Co-location Strategy to Provide Quality, Integrated Healthcare to People with Serious Mental Illness
Barbara Cohen, David Dunbeck, Brenda Robles Cooke, Ryan Clancy, Kyle McKinley ** Flower Room

Promises and Perils
Dolores Lindsay, Tony Dattilo, John Francis, Edward Shelleby, Julie Beatty, Brenda Coleman ** Flower Room
Effectively Addressing Adolescent Behavioral Health Care Needs in Primary Care
Wendy Bradley, Melissa Merrick ** Frampton Room

Promoting Integrated Healthcare through Interdisciplinary Collaboration: TheTipping Point between Primary Care and Education
Kathy Bradley-Klug, Jennifer Cunningham, Joshua Nadeau, Ashley Sundman, Julia Ogg, Kendall Jeffries ** Frampton Room
Collaboration with Pediatric Primary Care Providers: Bridging the Gap
Sandra Fritsch ** Shippen Room

Bridging the Gap Between Medicine and Psychology: The Nemours Primary Care Psychology Experience
Roger Harrison, Kristin Cupo ** Shippen Room

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Break / Exhibits / Poster Presentations A

Bringing the Family Back into the Medical Home
Barry Jacobs, Maureen Davey, Jennifer Hodgson, David Seaburn ** Ballroom B

Integration of a Behavioral Health Curriculum into Four Different Primary Care Practices
Nyann Biery, Teresa Duda, Joanne Cohen-Katz ** Ballroom A1

Evidence-based practice: Transforming Concepts into Reality in Collaborative Care Settings
Barbara Walker, Helen Coons, Jeffrey Goodie ** Ballroom A1


Workforce Readiness and Integrated Behavioral Health: Creating Integrated Training Environments
William Gunn, Nancy Ruddy, Dorothy Borrensen ** Ballroom A2

Behavioral Health Skills for Primary Care Team Members: Increased capacity to meet the need
Larry Mauksch ** Ballroom A2


How Far Will the Rubber Band Stretch? Implementing New Clinical and Operational Concepts Without Additional Resources
Samantha Monson, Cheryl Palsic, Lauren Gray ** Bromley/Claypoole Room

Behavioral Health/Pediatric Primary Care Integration at Geisinger: Year 1 Implementation and Evaluation
Shelley Hosterman, Paul Kettlewell, Sharon Larson ** Bromley/Claypoole Room
Reimbursement of Behavioral Health Interventions in Primary Care
Colleen Clemency Cordes, Nicholas Cummings, Ronald O'Donnell  ** Reynolds Room

Value Added Collaboration: Leveraging Foundation Support and Resources to Accelerate Collaborative Care
Francie Wolgin, Cynthia Holstein, Janice Bogner, Marc Bellisario ** Bromley/Claypoole Room
Creating and Sustaining Group Medical Appointments: A Three World View
Randall Reitz, Elvi Whiteford ** Cook Room

Managing Suicide Risk in Primary Care Settings
Craig Bryan, Chad Morrow ** Cook Room

Behavioral Health Medical Homes for Adults with Serious Mental Illness: Getting Results and Primary Care Buy In
Aileen Wehren, Beth Wrobel ** Flower Room

An Innovative Approach to Integrated Health Homes for Individuals with SMI
LeeAnn Moyer, Sandra Zebrowski, James Leonard, Marylynn Windish ** Flower Room


Trauma Informed Practice: An Imperative for Collaborative Care Models
Leslie Lieberman ** Frampton Room

Promoting Provider Resiliency in the Primary Care Medical Home
Debra Gould, Patricia Robinson ** Frampton Room

Cross-Disciplinary Training of a Family Medicine Resident and a Family Therapy Intern
Alison Wong, Hugh Blumenfeld ** Shippen Room

A Regional Model of Interprofessional Education
Maria Olenick, Janet Townsend, Edward Foote** Shippen Room

Dual interviews: Moving Beyond Didactics to Train Primary Care Providers in the Biopsychosocial Model
Juan Ramos, James Anderson, Stephanie Carter ** Shippen Room



Saturday 10/29
Saturday: Plenary Session #3 - From Grassroots to Tree Tops: Policy and Practice as a Collaborative Conversation in the New World
Kavita Patel, Frank deGruy  ** Ballroom CDE

Break / Exhibits / Poster Presentations B

Workforce Development in Collaborative and Integrated Care Across the Health Professions
Frank deGruy, Cynthia Belar, Susan McDaniel, Gloria Donnelly, Stacy Collins, Helen Coons ** Ballroom B
The Expanding and Transforming Role of Care Managers in Integrated Primary Care and the PCMH
Alexander Blount, Alexa Connell ** Ballroom A1

The Fundamentals of Creating Cohesive Multidisciplinary Teams in the Medical Home
Kenneth Phelps, Keeley Pratt ** Ballroom A1
Childhood Adversity & Trauma: A Life Curse Perspective for Prevention and Healing
Roberta Waite, Patricia Gerrity ** Ballroom A2

Patients Seen and Interventions Used by Behavioral Health Providers Working in Different Models of Integrated Healthcare in Primary Care Clinics Across the VA
Jennifer Funderburk, Anne Dobmeyer, Christopher Hunter ** Ballroom A2

Best practices for informed consent and confidentiality in integrated behavioral health settings: Results of a standardized survey of experts and practitioners.
Sandra Rose, Cathy Hudgins, Peter Fifield, Steve Arnault ** Ballroom A2
The Evolution of Collaborative Mental Health Care in Canada: A Shared Vision for the Future
Ajantha Jayabarathan, Roger Bland ** Bromley/Claypoole Room

Working with Couples and Families in Medical Settings
Angela Lamson, Jennifer Hodgson, Tai Mendenhall ** Bromley/Claypoole Room

When Healthcare Professionals Become Family Caregivers: Ambivalence and Alienation on the Collaborative Team
Barry Jacobs, Margaret Cotroneo, David Seaburn ** Reynolds Room

AIDS, Paraplegia and Me: Case Studies in the Presence and Absence of Collaborative Care
Margaret Peterson ** Reynolds Room

Evidence-based psychotherapies for managing PTSD in the primary care setting
Kyle Possemato ** Cook Room

A Dementia Case-Finding Program for Veterans: Applying Lessons Learned to Improve Dementia Recognition in Primary Care Practice
Laura Wray, David Hunsinger ** Cook Room

The Effect of Patient Complexity on Treatment Outcomes for Patients Enrolled in an Integrated Depression Treatment Program
Ryan Miller, Dana Brandenberg ** Cook Room

Patient Engagement Toolkit: Strategies for Boosting Patient Health Knowledge, Self-management skills and Self-efficacy
Mary Talen ** Cook Room

Teams Leading Communities to Improve Rural Mental Health: A CBPR Approach
W. David Robinson, Michael Olson, Richard Bischoff, Paul Springer ** Flower Room

Taking Collaborative Care to Isolated Populations and Providers
Richard Bischoff, Paul Springer, W. David Robinson, Michael Olson ** Flower Room

Telebehavioral Health in Rural Primary Care: An Electronically-Mediated Warm Handoff
Jennifer Correll, Jodi Polaha ** Flower Room
Integrated Primary Care Practice in a Federally Qualified Health Center: Moving Forward
Andrea Auxier, Katrin Seifert ** Frampton Room

Interprofessional Collaboration and Empirically-based Strategies for Underserved Adults with Chronic Illness: Barriers, Strategies and Outcomes
Robert DiTomasso, Barbara Golden, Deborah Chiumento, Harry Morris ** Frampton Room
Translating the Languages of Mental Health and Medicine
Tai Mendenhall, Jennifer Hodgson, Angela Lamson ** Shippen Room

Supervising Behavioral Health Services in Integrated Primary Care
Kevin McKay ** Shippen Room

CFHA Business Meeting & Awards Luncheon

Case Study of Integrated Primary Care Based Behavioral Health Services
Richard Wender, Susan Corson Day, Lynne DiCaprio, Hyong Un ** Ballroom B
When Providers and Patients Disagree: Moving From Conflict to Collaboration
George Blackall, Steve Simms ** Ballroom A1

Strategies for Obtaining Stakeholder Feedback on Integrated Care
David Johnson, Lori Lackman-Zeman ** Ballroom A1
Changes for Life: A Primary Care Based Multidisciplinary Program for Obesity in Children and Families
Parinda Khatri, Hollie Raynor, Tom Bishop, Jena Saporito ** Ballroom A2

Primary Behavioral Health Care for Children & Families: A Systemic Longitudinal Approach Approach
Patricia Gerrity, Jessica Covitz ** Ballroom A2

Medical Informatics: Moving the Tipping Point of Behavioral Health Integration
Susan Wiley, Maryanne Peifer, Gail Stern ** Bromley/Claypoole Room

Population Based Care: The Heart of the Primary Care Behavioral Health Model
Patricia Robinson, Jeffrey Reiter ** Bromley/Claypoole Room

The Use of Consulting Psychiatry within an Integrated Primary Care Model: How It Works
Elizabeth Zeidler Schreiter, Meghan Fondow, Jantina Vonk ** Reynolds Room

SBIRT Protocol in Primary Care Settings: An Integrated Care Design
Jennifer Hodgson, Leigh Atherton, Paul Toriello ** Cook Room

Family Consultation for Change-Resistant Pediatric Obesity
Florencia Lebensohn-Chialvo, Michael Rohrbaugh ** Cook Room

Childhood Obesity Research in Health Care Settings
Jerica Berge, Keeley Pratt ** Cook Room

Making the Behavioral Health and Primary Care Marriage Work
Cheryl Holt ** Flower Room

Behavioral Health Integration as a Catalyst for Practice Transformation: A Case Study
Joanne Cohen-Katz, Nancy Gratz, Drew Keister ** Flower Room
HIV-Specific Multidisciplinary Care Mediates for Marginalization and Perceived Stigma Among HIV Positive African American Women
Cleo Townsend ** Framptom Room

Lessons learned from implementing an Integrated Behavioral Health model in the provision of services for people living with HIV/AIDS in Puerto Rico
Nydia Cappas, Juan Ramos ** Framptom Room

Psychological interventions based on the primary care model and their impact on depression, treatment adherence and immunological status of people living with HIV/AIDS in the south of Puerto Rico
Valerie Toro ** Framptom Room

Multidisciplinary Model of Nurse Midwife Administered Psychotherapy for Postpartum Depression
Bobbie Posmontier ** Shippen Room

Implementing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia into Primary Care
Christina Nash, Jacqueline Kloss ** Shippen Room

Successful Integration of Behavioral Health into Medical Hypertension Management
Verena Roberts ** Shippen Room

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Break / Exhibits / Poster Presentations B

CFHA Master Lecture 1 (45)
Mainstreaming Medical Family Therapy: The Importance of a Systemic Approach to Integrated Healthcare
Jeri Hepworth, Susan McDaniel, William Doherty ** Ballroom CDE

CFHA Master Lecture 2
On Science Outcomes and Metrics: Collaborative Care is Part of the Problem and Has Not Yet Demonstrated It is a Solution
Rodger Kessler, Chris Hunter ** Ballroom CDE

Conference Wrap-Up Session (Bromley/Claypoole Room)


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