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Leadership in Collaborative Care
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Leadership in Collaborative Care CFHA presents a 5-part series on leadership from established leaders and upcoming voices of the collaborative care movement.


Susan McDaniel What I Wish I'd Know When I Started
by Susan McDaniel

I could start this story with my Family of Origin-- my energetic, Ob/Gyn father and my strong-willed, arts activist mother. I also have a competitive and very successful journalist/businesswoman sister. But I'll spare you the details on all that, and start with 1982. I was 30, and got my first academic job in Family Medicine. It was .35FTE and I was the first female and first non-MD on the U of Rochester Family Medicine faculty. The Chair encouraged me not to "worry about coming to faculty meetings.” Somehow (perhaps because of the structural family therapy training I had complained about as a postdoc) I knew not to listen, and told him I'd be there. First lesson: Try to hone your skills about when to listen to others and when to have the courage of your own convictions.
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Sandy Blount

Integrated Primary Care:
The (Somewhat Extended) Elevator Speech

by Sandy Blount

One of the roles of leadership in a field is being comfortable speaking on behalf of the field. To do that, it helps to have a clear summary that is understandable to someone outside the field. One name for that summary is an "elevator speech. It is called that because it designates what a person could say to another person while making conversation riding together a few floors in an elevator.
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Jeri Hepworth Professional Pearls:
Perspectives on Passion and Priorities
by Jeri Hepworth

Twenty-four hours in a day, thirty days in a month, twelve months in a year, thirty-five or forty years in a career – how do we want to spend those hours? What do we want to accomplish, what do we care about? These concerns of time management consultants are also salient for those of us fortunate enough to be collaborative consultants whether in clinical practice, administration, policy or academia. The better we work with others, the more frequently we will be invited to take on new roles.
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Rusty Kallenberg Leading Through Building Strategic Partnerships
by Rusty Kallenberg

Whenever one chooses to develop a vision that deviates from "the norm” and build something that is new, different, ahead-of-the-curve, yea – "disruptive” – strategic partnerships are necessary for both survival and success. Looking back on the 10 year development history of our "Collaborative Care” Team here at UCSD Division of Family Medicine we have learned the following lessons about building strategic partnerships.
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Laura Sudano
Early Career Leadership
(ft. Mandela, Obama, and Beyonce)

by Laura Sudano (ft. Reitz)

Early career professionals are in a tough spot. Not only are we asked to carry more than our weight in proving ourselves, we do it with the limited networks and without the influence of people who are already established in their careers. Facing this double whammy, what can we do to exert leadership? How can we utilize those who are willing to help us in moving the field in the direction we believe is most fruitful?
Read the rest of Laura's post here.

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