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2014 Conference Faculty
2014 Conference Faculty and Planning Committee

The following individuals have submitted disclosures to CFHA for calendar year 2014.

Disclosures are necessary for individuals who are presenting an education session or are involved in planning or evaluating sessions to be considered for presentation at the 2014 CFHA Conference. If your name does not appear on the list below*, please complete the online Disclosure form for 2014.

*This form will be updated periodically and was last updated on July 30, 2014. Your name may not appear on the list below if you submitted a disclosure on or after that date. 

Anderson, James B., PhD, Co-Coordinator of Behavioral Science, Hennipen County Medical Center (HCMC) Family Medicine Residency Program

Auxier, Andrea, PhD, National Director of Integration, ValueOptions

Bailey, Suzanne Elizabeth, Psy.D., Behavioral Health Consultant, Cherokee Health Systems

Baker, Melissa Doreen, PhD, Behavioral Health Consultant, HealthPoint

Bauman, David, PsyD, Behavioral Health Consultant, Post-doc fellow, Central Washington Family Medicine

Beehler, Gregory, PhD., M.A., Clinical Research Psychologist, VA Center for Integrated Healthcare

Beigel, Astrid, PhD, Mental Health Clinical District Chief, County of Los Angeles, Dept. of Mental Health

Bell, Norman, MD, Pediatrician, Open Door Community Health Centers

Bishop, Thomas W, Psy.D., Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, ETSU/Quillen College of Medicine

Black, Lisa, M.A., Clinical Intern, UCSD Family medicine

Blackstock, Steffani Greenawalt, CMP, CFHA Conference Manager, Collaborative Family Healthcare Association

Blount, F. Alexander, EdD, Director, Center for Integrated Primary Czre, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Boober, Becky Hayes, PhD, Senior Program Officer, Maine Health Access Foundation

Brown Levey, Shandra, PhD, Psychologist, University of Colorado

Bryan, Stephany, CPS, CWF, Program Officer Consumer & Family Liaison, Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

Bull, David, PsyD, Psychologist and Behavioral Health Consultant, Cherokee Health Systems

Cantrell, Courtney, PhD, Acting Director, NC Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services

Cartwright, Cynthia, MT RN MSEd, Program Manager, MaineHealth

Cifuentes, Maribel, RN, Instructor, University of CO, Department of Family Medicine

Cormier, Melissa, LCSW, Clinical Program Manager, MaineHealth/Maine Behavioral Healthcare

Coulson-Walters, Aisha, LSW, Family and Child Support Coordinator, 11th Street Family Health Services of Drexel University

Cushman, Robert Allerton, MD, Chair, Department of Family Medicine, University of Connecticut School of Medicine & Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center

Daub, Suzanne, LCSW, Senior Integration Consultant, The National Council for Behavioral Health

Davey, Maureen, PhD, Associate Professor, Drexel University, Department of Couple and Family Therapy

DeCaporale-Ryan, Lauren N, PhD, Senior Instructor/Family Geropsychologist, University of Rochester Medical Center

Deutchki, Ian, MD, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Geriatr, University of Rochester

Dickerson, Keith, MD, Faculty Physician, St. Mary's Hospital/Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth

Dickinson, Perry, MD, Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine

Ellison, Jeffrey, MA, Intern/Post-Doc, East Tennessee State University

Etz, Rebecca, PhD, Assistant Professor, Co-Director ACORN, VCU - Department of Family Medicine and Population Health

Farley, Tillman, MD, Associate Professor Family Medicine, Salud Family Health Centers

Fielder, Robyn L, PhD, Postdoctoral fellow, VA Center for Integrated Healthcare

Fifield, Peter Young, M.S., Director of Behavioral Health, Families First

Fleishman, Joan B, PsyD, Behavioral Health Fellow, UMass Medical School

Fogarty, Colleen T., MD, MSc, Associate Professor, Family Medicine, University of Rochester Department of Family Medicine

Fondow, Meghan, PhD, Behavioral Health Consultant, Access Community Health Centers

Fontaine, Jennifer, PsyD, Internal Behavioral Health Consultant, Department of the Army

Frazer, Monica Schmitz, Phd, Senior Research Scientist, Allina Health

Funderburk, Jennifer S, PhD, Clinical Research Psychologist, VA Center for Integrated Healthcare

Gentry, Elisabeth, LMSW, MPH, Senior Evaluation and Program Manager, Louisiana Public Health Institute

Gerrity, Patricia, PhD, Associate Dean for Community Programs, Drexel University

Gilchrist, Emma, MPH, Professional Research Assistant, University of Colorado Denver

Gildenblatt, Limor, MSW, LCSW, Doctoral Student in Medical Family Therapy, Saint Louis University

Goodie, Jeffrey L, PhD, ABPP, Associate Professor, Uniformed Services University

Grauf-Grounds, Claudia, PhD, Professor Marriage & Family Therapy, Seattle Pacific University

Green, Larry A, MD, Professor and Epperson Zorn Chair for Innovation, University if Colorado Denver, School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine

Grosshans, Ashley Beth, LCSW, Behavioral Health Consultant, Access Community Health Center

Gunn, Jr., William B., PHD, Director of Primary Care Behavioral Health, Concord Hospital

Harsh, Jennifer, PhD, Clinical Research Coordinator, Duke Cancer Patient Support Program

Heiman, Diana, MD, Residency Director, East Tennessee State University

Henderson, Robin, PsyD, Chief Behavioral Health Officer and Vice President, St Charles Health System

Hodgson, Jennifer, PhD, Professor, East Carolina University

Hogan, Michael, Ph.D., Consultant and Advisor, Hogan Health Solutions LLC

Holtrop, Jodi Summers, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine

Hosterman, Shelley Jane, PhD, Child & Pediatric Psychologist, Geisinger Medical Center

Hudgins, Cathy M., PhD, LPC, LMFT, Director, NC Center of Excellence for Integrated Care

Hunter, Christopher Lee, Ph.D., DoD Prog Mgr for Behavioral Health in Primary Care, DoD/Defense Health Agency

Ivey, Laurie C, Psy.D., Director of Behavioral Health, Swedish Family Medicine

Jacobs, Barry Jon, PsyD, Director of Behavioral Sciences, Crozer Keystone Family Practice Residency

Jayabarathan, Ajantha, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Family Physician, Director, Central Halifax Innovative Health Clinic

Johnson, Christine Annette, PhD, Director, Commonwealth Medicine

Kelleher, Mary Therese, MS, Faculty, Chicago Center for Family Health

Khatri, Parinda, PhD, Chief Clinical Officer, Cherokee Health Systems

Kirchner, Stephanie, MSPH, RD, Instructor, Family Medicine

Knierim, Kyle, MD, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Department of Family Medicine

Korsen, Neil, MD, Medical director, Behavioral Health Integration Pr, MaineHealth

Krause, Christina Miles, PhD, Associate Professor, Aurora University

Kuhn, Maria E. J., MS, NCC, Director of Clinical Services, Benefit Performance Associates

Laderman, Mara, MSPH, Senior Research Associate, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Landers, Amber Jeniece, PhD, Post-doctoral fellow, Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School

Levkovich, Natalie, Chief Executive Officer, Health Federation of Philadelphia

Lockhart, Abigail, PsyD, Integrated Care Postdoctoral Psychology Fellow, The Colorado Health Foundation

Lorenz, Alan, MD, Staff Physician, University of Rochester

Manson, Lesley, PsyD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Arizona State University and Open Door Community Health Centers

Marean, Timothy Arthur, MD, Pediatrician, Evans Army Hospital

Martin, Matthew, PhD, Director, Applied Psychosocial Medicine, Duke/SR-AHEC

Mauksch, Larry B, M.Ed, Senior Lecturer, University of Washington

McCorkindale, Mandy, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist, Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System

Mcdaniel, Susan H., PhD, Dr Laurie Sands Distinguished Professor, Institute for the Family, Department of Psychiatry URMC

McGuire, Patricia Madeline, MD, Director of Psychiatric Education, UPMC St. Margaret Family Medicine Residency

Meadows, Tawnya, Ph.D., Pedaitric Psychologist, Geisinger Health System

Mendenhall, Tai Justin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

Merrick, Melissa, LCSW, CDC I, Administrator, Southcentral Foundation

Monson, Samantha, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist, Denver Health

Mork, Mary Jean -, LCSW, Director of Integration, MaineHealth and Maine Behavioral Health

Morris, Neal R., EdD, MS, Clinical and Sleep Psychologist, Independent Practice, Bethesda, Maryland

Mullin, Daniel, PsyD, MPH, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Murtaugh, Stephanie, MA, MBA, Senior Director Community Health, Pittsburgh Mercy Health System

Narayanan, Vasudha, MA, MBA, MS, Associate Director, Westat

Ogbeide, Stacy, PsyD, MS, Behavioral Health Consultant, Baylor College of Medicine

Parikh, Monika, Ph.D., Post Doctoral Fellow, Geisinger Medical Center

Peek, C.J., PhD, Professor, Dept of Family Medicine and Comm Health, University of Minnesota Medical School

Perry, Jonathan, B.S., Program Coordinator, Louisiana Public Health Institute

Pfaffl, Craig, PhD, Lead Psychologist, DaVita HealthCare Partners Medical Group

Polaha, Jodi, PhD, Associate Professor, East Tennessee State University, Department of Psy

Pomerantz, Andrew S, MD, National Mental Health Director, Integrated Care, Veterans Health Administration

Posada, Alejandra, M.Ed., Director of Education and Training, Mental Health America of Greater Houston

Propst, Sara, PhD, Behavioral Health Consultant, Cherokee Health Systems

Puls, Christopher M.G., M.D., Psychiatrist, Child and Adolescent Program Enrichment Services

Rainey, Peter D, MS, Medical Family Therapy Fellow, Chicago Center for Family Health

Reiter, Jeff, PhD, ABPP, Lead, Behavioral Health Consultant Service, HealthPoint Community Health Centers

Reitz, Randall, PhD LMFT, Director of Behavioral Sciences, St Mary's Family Medicine Residency

Rineer, Mary E., Ph.D., Director CAPES, Child and Adolescent Program Enrichment Services (CAPES)

Robinson, James Burton, MA, Predoctoral Intern, VA Loma Linda

Robinson, Patti, PhD, Director of Training, Mountainview Consulting Group

Rolland, John S., MD, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Chicago

Rosenberg, Tziporah, PhD, Asst Professor, Univ of Rochester School of Medicine

Rowland, Kate, MD, MS, Family physician, Advocate Illinois Masonic

Royal, Helen Q., LPC, Behavioral Health Director, Summit Community Care Clinic

Runyan, Christine, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Sannito, Michael James, Ph.D., LPC, Family Therapist, Child and Adolescent Program Enrichment Services (CAPES)

Saporito Fisher, Jena, PhD, Behavioral Health Consultant, Cherokee Health Systems

Schermer Sellers, Tina, PhD, Director Medical Family Therapy, Seattle Pacific University

Schirmer, Julie M, LCSW, Director, Behavioral Health Education, Tufts Maine Medical Center School of Medicine, Family Medicine Department

Serrano, Neftali, PsyD, Chief Behavioral Health Officer, Access Community Health Centers

Simmons, Lacondria, PsyD, Behavioral Health Consultant, Drexel University College of Medicine-Dept of Psychiatry

Smith, Alicia L, PsyD, Behavior Health Consultant, Cabin Creek Health Systems

Stout, Danny W, Ph.D., Statistician (volunteer), Child and Adolescent Program Enrichment Services (CAPES)

Sudano, Laura, MA, Medical Family Therapist, UCSD Family Medicine

Talen, Mary R, Ph.D., Director, Primary Care Behavioral Health, Northwestern Family Medicine Residency Program

Thomas, Chantelle, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Access Community Health Care

Trotter, David McIntire, PhD, Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University Health Siences Center

Vair, Christina Laura, PhD, Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow, VA Western New York Healthcare System - Center for Integrated Healthcare

Weinfurter, Paul, MSPH, Research Coordinator, Westat

Wiley, Susan D., M.D., Vice Chairman, Department of Psychiatry, Lehigh Valley Hospital

Wray, Laura, PhD, Acting Associate Director, VA Center for Integrated Healthcare

Ybarra, Rick, MA, Program Officer, Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

Zeidler Schreiter, Elizabeth A, PsyD, Behavioral Health Consultant, Access Community Health Centers

Zubatsky, Max, PhD, Assistant Professor, St. Louis University

If you are presenting at the 2014 CFHA Conference and your name does not appear on the list above, please complete the online Disclosure form for 2014.

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