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2015 Conference Presenter Details
Conference Presentations



Presenter Details



Presenter Deadlines - for Concurrent Education Sessions
June 12 Confirm that you accept CFHA's presentation offer by completing the response form below. 
June 15 Online registration begins for the CFHA Conference. Early bird registration fees are available for the Full Conference and one-day registrations.
August 10 All presenters, co-presenters and panelists must complete CFHA's online Disclosure form. This is a requirement so that education sessions can be considered by accreditation agencies for CE credit.
September 25 Early bird registration fees expire. Fees increase by $75 per person 
September 25 Submit Powerpoint presentation using CFHA's template to CFHA. Please use CFHA's template and include the required content for the first 5 slides and the last slide. You can insert your slides and own background for your presentation content. These slides will be made available to Conference registrants before and after the event.
September 25 Make hotel reservations at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront. Group rooms and discounted rates are not guaranteed after this date.
September 25 Submit electronic copy of your presentation handouts to CFHA. These will be uploaded to a web page for access by Conference participants as a supplement to your presentation before and after the event.
24 hours prior to session Provide a final copy of your Powerpoint presentation to CFHA when you arrive at the Conference. Please bring your file on a thumb drive and we'll return it to you after we've copied the file for CFHA's use.
15-30 minutes prior to session Arrive at your assigned classroom to check-in with the volunteer classroom monitor, verify that your current slides are loaded on the classroom computer, and prepare for your session.

General Presenter Agreement

By submitting a presentation proposal for the CFHA Conference, you understand and explicitly agree that:

  1. The Primary Contract Person indicated on your proposal consents to receive all correspondence and accepts responsibility for conveying and confirming Conference-related information with all presenters, copresenters and authors.
  2. All Presenters must register and pay to attend the CFHA Conference. There are no complimentary admissions nor fee discounts for presenters or co-presenters. Full and one-day registration options are available; no half-day registrations are offered.
  3. Presenters are responsible for their own travel and hotel arrangements and assume all related costs. Presenters are encouraged to secure accommodations at the official CFHA conference hotel.
  4. Every Presenter is required to complete CFHA’s 2015 Disclosure form online and disclose any financial or non-financial relationship that creates a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest.
  5. Presenters must notify CFHA in writing if a conflict of interest related to the content of a presentation develops at any time before the Conference.
  6. Presenters will present in the time slot and format assigned by the program committee.
  7. Presenters grant permission to CFHA to take photographs, videos and/or audio recordings and to publish them at CFHA's sole discretion in any format.
  8. For presentations involving research with human subjects, Presenters acknowledge that research has been reviewed by and either exempted or received approval from the appropriate institutional review board and the data has been collected in an ethical manner.
  9. Appropriate "Releases of Confidential Information" have been obtained by Presenters for all client materials that will be used or recorded as part of this presentation. The responsibility for protecting client confidentiality rests with Presenters.
  10. Written permission from copyright holders must be obtained by Presenters for the use of any previously published material in presentation or handouts.
  11. Presenters are required to provide electronic files of handout materials or other related resources in advance to be incorporated into the Conference proceedings. In lieu of printed handout materials, CFHA will offer online access to these resource materials for Conference registrants.
  12. Presenters must refrain from attempting to persuade attendees to purchase or use a specific product, service, piece of equipment, or device.
  13. Presenters must refrain from overt statements or pointed humor that disparages the rightful dignity and social equity of any person or group.
  14. Acceptance of a proposal does not imply endorsement by CFHA of Presenters, course content, specific products, or clinical procedures.



Register for the Conference

All CFHA Conference presenters must register to attend the CFHA Conference, including:

  • Concurrent Education Session presenters, co-presenters and panelists
  • Poster Presentation authors
  • Discussion Group facilitators

Please note:

  • There are NO presenter discounts or fee waivers for presenters, co-presenters or panelists. 
  • One-Day registrations are available for the day of your presentation.
  • There are NO half-day registration options.

Online registration is open as of June 15, 2015.

Early bird registration fees apply until September 25.
Fees will increase by $75 for all registrations after September 25.

We encourage you to register early! 

Travel & Accommodations

Presenters are responsible for their own travel and hotel arrangements and assume all related costs.

Accommodations should be reserved at the designated CFHA Conference hotel, the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

CFHA Group Rate: $179 single or double occupancy

Call for Reservations or BOOK ONLINE 

The discounted group rate is available: 1) until the block is full; 2) until the hotel is sold-out; or 3) until September 28.

While there are lower priced hotels in the vicinity, we ask that you book your accommodations at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront for your own convenience and to ensure that CFHA can fulfill its contractual obligations with the hotel. 


Permissions & Consents

All presenters must agree to publish Powerpoint presentations and essential handouts on the CFHA web site as a resource for Conference attendees.

Presenters confirm that Appropriate "Releases of Confidential Information" have been obtained for all client materials and copyrighted materials that will be used or recorded as part of this presentation. The responsibility for protecting client confidentiality rests with the presenters. For presentations involving research with human subjects, the presenters confirm that the research has received approval from the appropriate Institutional Review Board and the data has been collected in an ethical manner.

All presenters agree to be photographed, videotaped and/or recorded by the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association, or any supplier contracted by CFHA. CFHA (or any supplier contracted by CFHA) shall own all rights of any kind in perpetuity in said photography, videotaping and/or recording.


Continuing Education Credit

CFHA will apply for continuing education credit for Conference sessions with selected accreditation agencies.

You will be required to provide documents requested by CE accreditation agencies, such as:

  • Disclosure form from EACH presenter* (for the 2015 calendar year) to disclose relevant financial relationships and potential conflicts of interest;
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) or resume for each presenter;
  • Defined learning objectives for the presentation; 
  • Handouts (may be requested for advance review); 
  • Powerpoint presentations (may be requested for advance review).

We ask for your assistance to comply with these requirements to ensure that your session is approved for CE credit.

*If you have already completed a disclosure form since January 2015, you don't need to complete this form again. Click here for a list of online disclosures completed to date.


Powerpoint Presentations

Powerpoint files will be archived by CFHA and uploaded to classroom computers in advance so your presentation will be easily accessible for your session.

Please use the CFHA Powerpoint template to prepare your slide show.  Edit the first 5 slides to include your presentation details, then insert your slides. 

Please send an advance copy of your Powerpoint presentation no later than September 25th to CFHA's Conference Manager.

Use the CFHA PowerPoint template provided as the basis of your presentation. Use CFHA's format for the first five slides, then you are free to use your own background and content on subsequent pages.

To help CFHA in keeping track of these files, please SAVE THE NAME of your Powerpoint file as follows:

  • Your assigned session number identified by track letter (A-H), period number (1-5), order (a-c)
  • Lastname of primary presenter or contact person
  • Example: A1a Smith

Don't worry!  You'll still be able to edit and "tweak" your Powerpoint before the Conference. Plan to bring your final version on a flash drive to the Conference Registration Desk at least 24 hours prior to your session.


Electronic Handouts (Save a tree!)

CFHA Conference attendees often express the need for handout materials related to conference sessions. In lieu of printed handouts, CFHA offers electronic options to these resources through its web site.

These items may include:

  • An outline for your presentation;
  • A list of resources and links referenced in your presentation;
  • A checklist or tool that can be applied in practice.

Documents should be submitted electronically in PDF or Word format to by September 25.


Audio-Visual and Classroom Set-up

Each breakout classroom may be equipped with:

  • A lectern or podium;
  • One 6-foot table for presenter's use or panel discussion; 
  • One microphone (for large rooms only); 
  • A PC laptop computer with internet access;
  • An LCD projector with screen, OR a flat-screen TV monitor.

You will not be allowed to plug-in your own computer; please use the PC laptop provided by the Conference.

If you move tables and chairs around for your session, please move them back into place before the next session.

Plan to arrive at your classroom at least 20 minutes prior to the start time and meet the Student Volunteer assigned as your classroom monitor.

A Conference schedule with your classroom assignment will be provided when you check-in at the Conference.

Classrooms vary in size, set-up and capacity. Some rooms may be set in theatre-style (chairs only) to maximize seating, while larger rooms may be set with round tables.

Classrooms are assigned by CFHA based on a variety of factors including anticipated audience, special set-up requests, concurrent session options, and other matters related to the overall organization of the Conference. 

Seating for all Conference sessions is on a first-come, first-served basis and some sessions may fill quickly. No seating (or sitting on the floor) will be allowed near exit doors to allow for emergency access. 

CFHA may consider additional setup or equipment requests, but does not guarantee availability or provision for such requests due to the overall needs of the CFHA Conference.


Poster Presentations

Posters will be displayed on Friday and Saturday during the Conference.

All Poster presenters are required to register in advance and pay to attend the CFHA Conference. There are no free or discounted registrations for Poster presenters; one-day registration options are available.

Posters are assigned for presentation on one day only; you must setup and take down your poster materials on the same day.

Poster boards will be available for set-up at 7:30 AM and should be removed no later than 4 PM on your assigned date.

You will have a 4’ wide x 4’ high display area on the poster board for your materials. You may affix display materials with push pins, T-pins or tape (supplies are not provided).

You should plan to attend your poster during the morning and afternoon refreshment breaks on the assigned day.

Please be prepared to provide up to 50 copies of a one-page handout about your poster for distribution to Conference attendees. (Attach an envelope or pocket folder to the poster board for your handouts; no tables are provided.)


Discussion Groups

Friday's lunch program will feature facilitated discussion groups from 12:30 to 1:15 PM. Boxed lunches will be provided for Conference attendees. 

More casual than a formal lecture, roundtable discussions are highly interactive and provide attendees ample time to share thoughts and ask questions about your work. These discussions often influence future practice.

Discussion Groups are not designed to be a lecture or formal presentation. The role of a Discussion Group facilitator is to engage discussion on assigned topics and foster lively conversation among table guests. 

  • One round table with 10 seats will be assigned for each Discussion Topic. The title of each presentation will be posted on the assigned table.
  • A list of Discussion Topics will be included in registrant packets. Conference attendees will select their preferred topic and choose a seat at the assigned table.
  • The facilitator should begin discussions as soon as most people are seated or no later than 12:30.
  • Start with a brief introduction and feel free to provide handouts to supplement the discussions.
  • Please limit your own presentation time to no more than 10-15 minutes to allow sufficient dialog during the lunch hour. 
  • As facilitator for the Discussion Group, please encourage dialog and conversation among table participants throughout the period. 
  • Please adjourn discussions no later than 1:15 PM to allow transition time for afternoon sessions that convene at 1:30 PM.


If you have questions regarding your presentation, please contact CFHA's Conference Manager:


Steffani Blackstock
CFHA Conference Manager
P. O. Box 632167, Highlands Ranch, CO 80163-2167 USA
Phone 720-940-4880
Fax 303-395-2609


Conference Presenters

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Documents for CFHA Conference Presenters
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