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"Incident to" Billing
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2/5/2019 at 5:21:08 PM GMT
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"Incident to" Billing

Are any of you doing "incident to" billing for the services of psychology interns or post docs, that is billing for their time for a primary care consultation, incident to the attending primary care provider? I was asked by someone who is trying to develop a post doctoral position and the physician is willing to do 'incident to' billing and also willing to pay a licensed psychologist to provide the requisite clinical supervision.

If anyone is billing in this way, please let me know.


We've started billing Health and Behavior Intervention codes secondary to referral by the PCP.  Haven't had a response yet from the insurance companies.


I was not clear, my apologies.

"Incident to" services are when a non-physician provider delivers a service and the physician is supervising and responsible. So, the bill goes out under the physicians billing number but it is indicated as "incident to" showing that someone else provided the service. Typically, licensed individuals in other professions (psychology, social work) do not use this billing because they are supposed to bill under their own license. However, I have heard of examples where unlicensed trainees (interns) bill in this way.  I was just wondering if any of you were doing this.


In our program we bill in such a way that it shows the "service provider" is the intern, while the "billing provider" is the licensed supervisor. We have commercial payers reimburse, yet know that this is not possible for patients with Medicare.


We are also interested in whether anyone is doing “incident to” billing for any licensed mental health providers doing PCBH?

Thanks, Patty 

I did this as a postdoc (2015-16) in Oregon. I wasn't licensed at the time. I attached a sheet that walks through when it's appropriate to use that code. Let me know if you have any questions.



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5/4/2020 at 7:01:48 PM GMT
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Along with Patty, I'm also interested in learning about whether 'incident to' billing is possible for a licensed MH provider (I'm an LCSW) and if so, how? I looked at the attachment from Arissa (thank you) but it's still unclear to me....I'm so new to this that I didn't understand a lot of what was in the attachment.
I'm trying to find out if the PCCs can bill for any of my interventions (as we work in collaboration of course) without me being paneled with insurances as a provider? Thanks!

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