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Billing For Integrated Care
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99492,93,94? 1 E. Nikol Hmmm..... great question. I would suggest looking up the information for Bob McGrath who should have some insight into the world of billing in NJ. You can look him up right here using the directory.
by N. Serrano
Thursday, January 17, 2019
Medicare Barriers To Billing 2 N. Serrano I live in Texas and same day billing is allowed - not all states are like this though.
by S. Ogbeide
Sunday, May 13, 2018
CPT 2018 HBAI changes 2 K. Robinson Krystle:This is the reply I got back on this. Not great news but there are workarounds that many clinics have made work.From Lesley Manson:"Yep. You don't bill. You can do a quick introduction and plan for a visit the next day – perhaps incorporate a screening tool and bill for that or identify further complexity for the pcp to operate with medical decision making in his current visit and bill for that(?)- those are your options – other than identifying 90832 psychotherapy type concerns and bill for an 18 min appt focused on other topics. Wish I had better news!"From Kent Corso:"I agree with Lesley. For same day services, you wrap the BHC's work into the PCP's and ensure the most comprehensive level of E&M is provided. Since the coding for that is also higher than the lower E&M + HBAI, clinics often favor this way of doing it.I try to avoid next day services. Even with a brief meet and greet with the BHC, you get some lack of pt f/u. But if the pt prefers an appt on another day, care is provided via lower E&M by PCP on one day and HBAI by BHC on another day."Hope that helps some.
by N. Serrano
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Billing For Diabetes Management (Exemplar Topic) 1 N. Serrano We also use health and behavior codes, 96152, 96153, 96154.
by D. Dart
Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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