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Marketing PCBH to C-Suite
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4/28/2020 at 4:02:29 AM GMT
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Marketing PCBH to C-Suite

Happy New Year!

Several months back, someone shared a resource for justifying/marketing PCBH to health system leadership/c-suite. I thought I saved it, but I can’t find it anywhere. I think 2020 may be the magic year for expanding PCBH here, so I am working on (another) proposal. Can someone please re-send or share your best resource for this? Thanks much!



Not sure if this is the one you are thinking of, but here is a link to a 2016 study in JAMA with a study of 113,000 patients in the Intermountain Health System which showed that integrating mental and physical health through primary care teams results in better clinical outcomes and lower costs.  Authors stated that savings of $115/year/patient for savings in their health system of ~$13 million dollars via reduced ER visits, reduced hospital admissions and higher levels of screening and adherence to treatment protocols.


This study is net total cost savings. Many other smaller studies advance patient cost of care savings but don’t fully count the program cost and thus don’t show true net savings.

Another way to think about it as costs being an indicator of population well being. If total costs are down AND patients are healthier the cost reduction is due to improved health and not due to cutting services.


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