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Spanish speaking BHCs
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11/13/2019 at 8:55:44 PM GMT
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Spanish speaking BHCs
To all,

Do any of you have the AUDIT, DAST, and/or GAD-7 screenings translated in
Spanish. If so, could you potentially send those to me?


Hi all!

To piggy back on this, I would love to know if there are other
Spanish-speaking BHCs out there, like myself, who would be interested in
doing the following:

1) Create a shareable database of resources and worksheets in Spanish (I’ve 
had to translate serveral worksheets myself)

2) Have a meetup at the Denver conference

3) Discuss how you introduce BHC services in Spanish. I went through
several iterations but finally settled on “consejera de bienestar” with 
an additional spiel.

I would love to hear from y’all! Feel free to email me directly, too.


Just to respond to #3 directly, on what translated title/role name to use:

I don't prefer “consejera de bienestar” as that translates to welfare 
counselor and I do not feel that accurately captures our role in primary 
care. I would encourage one of the following, but prefer the first one:
  - proveedor de salud conductual = behavioral health provider
  - consultor de salud conductual = behavioral health consultant
  - consejero de salud = health counselor
  - alguien que aconseja sobre el comportamiento de la salud = someone who 
counsels on health behavior



I will add proveedor de salud emocional. Have a great day!


Hello all,

I introduce myself as a “Consultante de Bienestar” and emphasize that I 
work on improving wellness (bienestar) and health overall. For some reason 
I find that the term “bienestar” is encompassing of what we do. It has 
a clear, understandable, and positive connotation. I always include my spiel 
and state several medical and mental health conditions that I work with so 
patients have an idea that I see all patients. I avoid using “consejera” 
or “terapeuta” as that alludes to being a therapist.

I look forward to connecting with Bilingual BHC’s in Denver!

Saludos desde Chicago!



My name is Ingrid Solares. I am a licensed clinical social worker and my 
role is behavioral health consultant. I introduce myself as consejera de 
Salud. My intro goes like this. “Hola mi nombre es Ingrid, yo so consejera 
de salud y soy parte de su equipo de salud aquí en la clínica. Yo trabajo 
con su doctor y con los pacientes para ayudar a mejorar diferentes aspectos 
de la salud emocional. Por ejemplo como manejar el estrés y estrategias 
para dormir mejor y manejar el diabetes mas efectivamente. Su doctor me dijo 
que usted está teniendo dificultad para dormir y le está afectando su 
energía. Está bien si platicamos un ratito sobre cómo podemos trabajar 
juntos para mejorar sus síntomas?”

I have drawn from Neftalí Serranos you tube videos about how to do a short 
intro and begin my consultations in a focused way to move the conversation 
along in the short time I have with pts.


Ay! A topic so close to my bicultural heart!

There is so much here to launch from... the PCBH SIG has been wondering if 
there was enough interest to do a webinar for Spanish speaking BHCs on just 
these very issues, and also as a means of creating an atlas or index of 
resources.  I think we have our answer!

For the record I introduce myself -  "Soy la psicologa que consulta con su 
equipo de salud aqui en la clinica. Sabemos que su salud fisica tiene mucho 
que ver con su salud mental, y aqui en el Centro tratamos enfocar en las 
dos cosas....toda la persona . "

I'd like to call myself a health psychologist but that's not my actual 
training and background so I go with that more descriptive sentence.

I think this is the start of something great! Please email me 
if you are interested in contributing to a webinar in December for Spanish 
speaking BHCs!  We will follow up on getting some space together on CFHA 
website for Spanish language resources!  I am also hoping we can all find a 
time to connect at CFHA in Denver - more to come on that!

AND, I have to throw this in there, I know you all will get the reference: 
me siento muy...EXCITED!  :) 


Good morning! I would also like to add that we should be mindful to include 
our indigenous brothers and sisters who do not speak spanish fluently. I 
see many pts who speak an array of indigenous dialects. Also a discussion 
around the different spanish speaking populations depending on what part of 
the US. Here in Oregon we have predominantly patients from Mexico and 
Guatemala. I have noticed an increase in Puerto Rican patients as well since 
Hurricane Maria. There is so much to learn and share!  Looking forward to 
rich discussions in the future!

Have a great day everyone!




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