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CPAP Adherence
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12/2/2018 at 9:26:05 PM GMT
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CPAP Adherence
Does anyone have any materials or tools used in conversations with patients about CPAP adherence and/or any specific suggestions about what's worked best for you in the past? Also, any related information that could be given to residents would be welcome as well. Thanks! Take care, Annie Derthick

12/10/2018 at 9:24:52 PM GMT
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Obviously not a lot of folks working in this area. If you find some info on your own post it here please! I was able to find these helpful resources but honestly I haven't had a patient case related to this.  &

Neftali Serrano, PsyD
Executive Director, CFHA &
Fan of All Things Integrated Care

12/18/2018 at 9:21:14 PM GMT
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My colleague at the VA offers a 4-session group addressing this issue specifically. She is not a CFHA member (yet), but in consultation shared that the basic premise focuses on psychoeducation (e.g., benefits of use, common barriers, equipment maintenance), CBT skills around CPAP-specific thoughts (e.g., "I hate this machine"), sleep hygiene and exposure. Anecdotally, results have been positive, particularly with involvement of our sleep clinic to address medical and equipment questions. Unfortunately, she is not aware of any resources available online for specific materials or tools. It may be worth reaching out to the psychology staff at the Augusta VA Medical Center to see if they have anyone specializing in sleep issues/sleep medicine. It's possible that there is an integrated care psychologist at the Lewiston CBOC that might help, as well. Good luck!

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