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Registry In EPIC?
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8/28/2017 at 3:08:32 PM GMT
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Registry In EPIC?
Please excuse me if the answer to this question is obvious somewhere…… We are in process of implementing EPIC as our EHR and would like to have them create a Patient Tracking Registry (similar to the AIMS CMTS, BHL, or others) which could be included in the EHR. They are having trouble with this…. I have Dr Serrano’s 2012 article in WMJ. Any suggestions or resources? --------------------------- We had our Epic builders generate a recurring report that serves as a registry. Not sure if that's what you mean. Would be happy to talk offline about that if you're interested. :) ----------------------------- There s a registry functionality and reporting in EPIC and most commercial EHRs. The issue is usually not technical, rather availability and willingness of IT resources to make it happen. We created a diabetes and depression registry, but did it with our own resources becuase large,system did not see it as priority. When we developed our drop down based transparent bi directional record, I only got it done because a secret developer was interested in the talsk and helped. EPIC itself in my dealings has been focusing on psychiatry documentation, with no relevance to integrated care. ----------------------------- EPIC has a software module called "Healthy Planet" that serves as a registry that allows for reports, dashboards and work flow tools. Within it we currently have access to 9 chronic disease registries and 12 wellness registries.

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