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December 1, 2011
INTRA-Disciplinary Care:  Can Mental Health Professionals Work Together in Primary Care?

The burgeoning success of integrated care brings with it a complicated by-product. The diverse range of behavioral and mental health professionals are stepping up to the plate. Many of these professionals, trained under the "old guard” as competitors in the market, are now tasked to re-align in the context of a new paradigm. The following represents insights from a year-long conversation (tongue in cheek) between two friends and colleagues, one a clinical psychologist and the other a medical family therapist who are in search of a model of intra-disciplinary collaboration...(Click here to read more).
November 3, 2011
CFHA Members of the Board, Founders, Members, New members/Guests, and Students

It is with great respect that I stand here today to thank you for this wonderful year as President of CFHA. When Frank deGruy called me several years ago and asked me to consider this position, I has just had my third child and was working hard to grow a newly established doctoral program at East Carolina University. My love for CFHA overrode any hesitancy I had because I saw who I would have the privilege to work alongside during my presidential year. My belief is that if you want a successful outcome you surround yourself with smart, talented people. You cannot be afraid of great ideas or ideas that may change the direction of your organization because both of those events are what take good associations to great. Most of you in this room aspire for great and CFHA is a professional home for those who want to make healthcare great in our country…one context at a time!...(Click here to read more).
Aug 4, 2011
Families are Messy, Complicated, and Silent Partners in Healthcare

Primary care settings are rich with all types of patients, diseases, diagnoses, celebrations, and providers. As defined by the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC), "The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is an approach to providing comprehensive primary care for children, youth, and adults. The PCMH is a health care setting that facilitates partnerships between individual patients, and their personal physicians, and when appropriate, the patient’s family” ( The key question that I want to pose in this blog is "When is it appropriate and when it is not appropriate to collaborate with a patient’s family?”...(Click here to read more).
May 19, 2011
A Little Cheese With Your Whine?

These days I do not indulge on the libations of fermented grapes much but I feel the hangover of working full steam with minimal stops. Why is it that collaborative people tend to become so enthused by the great buffet of work? Most people who are collaborative care types are the ones you see championing new ideas, training ridiculous numbers of people to do the work, writing and researching the merits of systems thinking, and working tirelessly to advance healthcare while pushing a boulder the size of Aunt Rita’s meatballs uphill!...(Click here to read more).
July 26, 2010
Medical Family Therapy:  Integration Into Healthcare

Medical Family Therapy (MedFT) is inspired by many people from several different professions. It has made a nest under the umbrella of Family Therapy by nature of its attention to the family unit, systems thinking, and relational foci. However, when it comes to practicing MedFT, numerous professions embrace and apply its concepts. My intent in this piece is to briefly introduce two core concepts (of many) that form MedFT’s foundation and articulate how they represent an asset(s) to healthcare...(Click here to read more).
January 27, 2010
Promoting Diversity in Membership:  Growing the CFHA While Broadening its Constituency

This blog is not filled with grandiose rhetoric. You will neither find state-of-the-art statistics nor endearing stories about collaborative successes. Rather this blog is designed to challenge the face of CFHA and establish tangible solutions to help us move forward. It is an exciting time to be a member of CFHA as our association is gaining national attention for our grassroots work. CFHA’s annual conferences and pre-conference summits have stimulated important discussions and actions at each sponsoring state’s policy, payment, and community levels...(Click here to read more).
February 4, 2010
Collaborative Care Throwdown

Have you ever watched Bobby Flay on the Food Network channel beat other chefs and cooks at their own specialty dishes? He always looks shocked when he wins but on the way to the challenge he is confident in his product. This is the exact same way that I see collaborative care models as they face off to an existing method of care. However, like Bobby, there are critical things one needs to appreciate about the context one is entering before proposing changes to it. For example:..(Click here to read more).
January 1, 2010
My New Year's Collaborative Resolution 2010

Each year we make a resolution to do something a little better than the year before and to make good on that promise is always a challenge. Sometimes it is that we set unrealistic goals and for others of us it is that we do not know what goals to set. Most years I profess to hug my children a little tighter (although not possible unless I want to be investigated by child welfare), love my husband a little deeper (something I always can do), and be the best person I can be to those whose lives I touch...(Click here to read more).
November 1, 2009
My Uncle Built Ford Cars, I build Collaborative Models

Now I have never honestly owned a Ford but my Uncle Ronnie worked for Ford for many years. He was devoted and loyal. He believed in his product and the fact that it was American made. He used to brag about how each car was touched by American hands prior to being shipped to its destination. That always stuck with me. The sense of pride and devotion he had to Ford despite the challenges of the job, the economy...(Click here to read more).
October 14, 2009
My Fantasy Football Healthcare Team

Disclaimer- I am a Medical Family Therapist. My training is in systems theory and my lens is biopsychosocial-spiritual. My advanced degrees are in marriage and family therapy but my postdoctoral training is in medical family therapy.

Perhaps my husband's push to have me join his fantasy football league has impacted my use of metaphors these days. However, I offer up a challenge, that we create a fantasy healthcare team comprised of the "best" providers for the setting rather than what we believe are the "best" professions...(Click here to read more).

September 4, 2009
Just Another Day In The Office

Sitting in my office at the Family Medicine Center and checking my desktop is something that I try to do before clinic really gets busy. I always preach to my Medical Family Therapy students that they have got to be visible to be used by primary care providers. This day was different. Being in my office was the trick. One of the doctors who uses our service on occasion raced into my office at 8 a.m. and closed the door behind him, even before my purse hit the floor. "I need your help with this patient, Betty. She is in bad shape.” As he spoke, I immediately recognized this patient from a clinical case presentation done the previous week...(Click here to read more).
Family Health compiles Jennifer Hodgson's posts on family-based healthcare and collaborative care generally.

Jennifer Hodgson, PhD LMFT is the Immediate Past President of CFHA and
an Assistant Professor at East Carolina University

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